Polypropylene wagon inserts

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Manufacturer: TARUS-PRO
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polypropylene wagon inserts

for cargo cover during transportation inside railcar.

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Raw material: polypropylene
Size: according to the customer needs
Number of loops: 2 - 100
Density of PP fabric: 40 - 140 g/m2
Color: any
Printing: 6 colors
Minimal order: 200 pieces
Term of production: 2 weeks

Woven polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) for packaging protection

We produce customized woven polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) according to the layout of the customer. Polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) are an additional packaging to protect the primary packaging of the product during the transportation inside railway carriage. It is made of coated (laminated) woven polypropylene fabric basis, cut in accordance to the dimensions of railway carriage. Wagon inserts (covers) consist of central part, side and front covers, sewn loops and polypropylene slings for binding covers to central part. Once wagon insert (cover) closed and bound, packaged product is protected on five sides of the “bowl”, made of polypropylene fabric, that effectively prevent from external influence. Woven polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) are used for:

▪ packaging protection during transportation from exposure to environmental conditions;

▪ prevent chafing of the packaging;

▪ packaging protection from contact with sharp parts inside railway carriage;

▪ packaging protection during transportation from chemically active substances;

For different types of railway carriage we produce polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) of different formats. The edge of fabric is bended and sewed with strong threads to prevent edge rupture, that can occur because of the contact with sharp details. To ensure durability and multiple use of inserts we recommend to use polypropylene fabric, made of high density yarns. Polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) are designed for international logistics and transportation of bulk cargoes. Polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) are primarily used in open freight carriages for bulk cargo transportation, but also we can produce it for air transportation inside airplanes and sea shipping in containers. Polypropylene wagon insert (cover) is one of the best shipping protection package.

Structure of polypropylene wagon inserts (covers)

▪ polypropylene fabric base, cut in accordance with the railway carriage shape and dimensions;

▪ polypropylene slings and loops for binding parts of the insert;

▪ silk threads for sewing polypropylene slings to the polypropylene fabric edges;

Polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) can also have 2 layers for more protection of the primary packaging during transportation over long distances or in case of multi-modal shipping.

How to purchase polypropylene wagon inserts

To buy polypropylene wagon inserts (covers) please contact us the most convenient way for You. For starting production we need a layout or internal dimensions of the railway carriage. On request, we can print on the surface of inserts (covers) logo and contact details of the customer. Also different fabric colors are available. The price, minimal order and time of production to be agreed after obtaining of technical specifications. On request we can arrange delivery of our products throughout the territory of Russia and Customs Union countries.

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