Polypropylene flower pots

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woven polypropylene flower pots.

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Raw material: polypropylene
Volume: from 0.5 liters up to 7 liters
Density of PP fabric: 40 - 140 g/m2
Color: any
Printing: 6 colors
Minimal order: 10 000 pieces
Term of production: contact us

Polypropylene flower pots production

We are the manufacturer of soft polypropylene flower pots with volume from 0,5 liters up to 7 liters. Cheap flowerpots, made of woven polypropylene fabric, are designed to replace decorative ceramic flower pots, clay flower pots and plastic flower pots. In fact, it is the cheaper flower stands, that can be used in conjunction with classical rigid flowerpots or without them, and it also can be hung through the holes in the eyelets (grommets). Main color of polypropylene fabric for flower pots is white. It's also possible to produce by the order red, blue, yellow, green, black, brown PP flowerpots according to the customer's layout. Polypropylene flowerpots have high wear resistance, resistance to fertilizers and moisture. Woven polypropylene fabric is 100% recyclable, that’s why polypropylene flowerpots are environmentally friendly packaging. After usage you can throw them out into the garbage. Our flower pots production allows us to manufacture the following sizes:

▪ cheap indoor flower pots with volume of 0.5 liter;

▪ cheap indoor flower pots with volume of 1 liter;

▪ cheap indoor flower pots with volume of 1.5 liters;

▪ cheap indoor flower pots with volume of 2 liters;

▪ cheap indoor flower pots with volume of 3 liters;

▪ cheap garden pots with volume of 5 liters;

▪ cheap garden pots with volume of 7 liters;

It is also possible to produce big garden flowerpots by individual sizes of the customer. We can manufacture the hanging flower pots with eyelets (grommets) for hanging products.

What can be planted in polypropylene flower pots?

In polypropylene pots you can plant any indoor or outdoor decorative plants or garden plants or flowers. It, first of all, will protect the plant itself from contact with the outdoors pests. Secondly, it will help not to stain with ground classical rigid flowerpots and outdoor flower planters, made of solid materials. When the time comes to change the plants, you will be able to remove it together with the polypropylene flower pot. This advantage is especially actual for the flower shops or nursery plants owners, as they are forced to do multiple transplanting. Also this is the best indoor flower stands for seedlings under cultivated plants. If you wish, you can shove them into a container of any shape. Flower pots, made of polypropylene woven fabric, allow to hide roots and pack the following:

▪ room flowers in pots / room plants in pots;

▪ homemade potted flowers / decorative flowers in pots;

▪ cultural garden plants / ornamental shrubs;

▪ house plants / ornamental plants;

▪ seedlings of garden plants / garden trees;

▪ ornamental trees / ornamental plants for the garden;

▪ decorative flowers / outdoor plants / street flowers;

Also we can produce hanging flowerpots, made of polypropylene, with eyelets (grommets) to create planters for flowers and floral decorative walls.

Flower pots application area

Polypropylene flowerpots are used in case, if you want to reduce the cost of flower stands. This is required when creating large flower arrangements, including various ornamental plants, or in case, if you want to place outdoor plants on the flower bed or to arrange an ornamental garden. The seedlings are planted together with the ground in polypropylene flowerpots into the open ground or into the rigid street planters. This prevents contact of plants with pests. When creating flower beds or artificial turf, polypropylene flowerpots are extremely necessary. In addition, the plants nursery often sells its products – the seedlings of trees and shrubs - with exposed roots. In this case, polypropylene soft flower pots are very necessary to prevent spilling of the ground during the transportation. It will help the buyer to protect his car from dirt, but also keeps the contact of plant roots with ground, as it is very important when transplanting it to a new location. Polypropylene flower pots are suitable for creating decorative planters for flowers and help to keep clay or ceramic pots from contact with the ground, as it can be re-used. In this case, polypropylene flower pots fit inside the ceramic pots.

Decorative flower pots

On request, we can produce decorative pots for flowers, made of polypropylene woven fabric. For that we apply polypropylene fabric with various colors. We can manufacture decorative pots in white, red, yellow, green, blue, gray, black, brown, and orange color. On the surface of the flowerpots we can print 6 color image, according to the customer’s layout or any logo or contact details. For hanging, decorative flower pots can have eyelets (grommets). Colorful decorative flower pots look great as a part of large floral arrangements or decorative garden. Also, PP flower pots do not get wet and do not fade in direct sunlight. Such high quality we reach by adding into the polypropylene raw material of UV-stabilizer.

How to purchase polypropylene flower pots ?

To buy polypropylene flower pots (flower stands) please contact us with any convenient way for you. We manufacture flowerpots for wholesale trading under the order. We can produce it in any size, including large pots with handles for easy plants transportation. The parameters of polypropylene woven fabric and colors are to be defined according to the customer’s needs. We can arrange delivery of our products in Russia. This product does not require mandatory Russian certification in GOST.

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