Company TARUS-PRO is the Russian manufacturer of Ad Star polypropylene bags by Starlinger (Austria) technology. We consist of equipment trading company and polypropylene packaging production. The main direction of our business is modern packaging and complex technological equipment sales to the Russian manufacturers. TARUS-PRO engineers have great experience in project sales of top technological solutions for production modernization in various industries. Our company has its own service team with extensive experience with modern European packaging equipment service. Our portfolio of technology solutions includes:


▪ transport packaging solutions for international logistics;


▪ polypropylene woven sacks for packaging of bulk materials;


▪ equipment for industrial packaging of any product;


▪ equipment for livestock production and deep processing of meat;


▪ poultry equipment;


▪ technological equipment for processing industry;


▪ equipment for transport packaging of different goods;


▪ environmentally friendly tare and packaging;


Besides complex equipment sales we provide to our customers full range of after sales activities: warranty and post-warranty service, technical support, customer training, counseling, spare parts supply. Separate direction of our activity is the production and sales of polypropylene packaging solutions. We pay great attention to the packaging market for bulk products and can offer to the manufacturers of dry building mixes, additives, chemicals and fertilizers Ad-Star valve polypropylene bags, produced by technology of the Austrian company Starlinger. We produce:


▪ valve polypropylene bags for cement and mineral fertilizers packaging;


▪ polypropylene bags with open top (open bags) for bulk products;


▪ woven polypropylene sleeve in rolls;


▪ polypropylene fabric in rolls;


All our packaging solutions consist of environmentally friendly raw materials. This way we contribute in protecting the environment and conserving non-renewable resources. Today we represent several European equipment manufacturers on the Russian market. We continuously improve our packaging products and production practice, realizing sustainability of the company and our customers. Our activities are aimed on developing the latest packaging solutions and technological equipment sales at reasonable prices.

Our office phone: 007 (812) 988-33-19, taruspro@gmail.com

We can arrange shipment of our products for big orders inside Russia