The concept of environmental protection appeared not only due to the penetration of the Green Party ideology. Sustainability of modern companies depends on the degree of social and environmental responsibility. Today's customers require increasingly stringent requirements for product quality, as well as the model of the manufacturer’s behavior on the market. Modern, well-informed consumers  pay special attention to such notions as  environmentally friendly materials, product safety, protection of the environment. Western quality standards traditionally are slightly ahead of the domestic industry, and therefore Russian manufacturers are forced to catch up to the European level of production and product quality. Spoiled consumer, having access to imported goods, requires from Russian companies of a similar level of technology and carefully watch all the trends in the development of products.

That’s why today environmental policies of companies become the forefront, the basic concept of which is protection of the environment and usage of environmentally friendly materials. This has direct influence on the manufacturer's image and brand perception by the potential buyers. Any company, being presented on the front-edge of technology and working in highly competitive market, forced to reckon with the modern trends in society and adhere to the policy of environmental protection, using green packaging materials.

We offer advanced 100% recyclable packaging materials for transport, packaging and storage of products, fully meet all current environmental laws and regulations. This packaging uses recycled raw materials, what significantly reduces energy costs of production, cost of packaging materials, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, fully match to the international standard for phytosanitary treatment ISPM-15 and 100% recyclable at the end of life cycle. The choice of environmentally friendly packaging materials allows you to refocus your production to a modern twist in accordance with accepted international standards.

Green packaging solutions allow not only to perform global concept of environmental protection, but also guarantee protection of the manufacturer from undesirable economic costs. In our work we strongly support environmental thinking and implement environmentally friendly packaging solutions, making useful contribution to environmental protection in general. Using our green packaging, you can significantly reduce packaging costs, reduce amount of packaging materials and start to use packaging, made of mono material. Also you will reduce the risks of international logistics and improve your company image from point of view of the potential consumers.

We reduce cost of the packaging materials and detrimental factor of human influence on nature, using wisely recycled raw material. The usage of the environmentally friendly packaging materials increases safety of the product. Our packaging solutions based on polypropylene as it is the cost effective solution aimed to the support of sustainability of the Russian manufacturers.

Replacement of various types of packaging by environmentally friendly packaging, made of renewable raw materials, - is the future of packaging industry all over the world!

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