Our values

High quality products 

We focus on continuous quality improving of our products and services to provide the customers the most recent technology.

Maximum honesty 

We do our business openly and honestly, giving our all necessary information and clarifications to our partners to be confidence in us.

Openness to dialogue 

We are always open to reasonable dialogue and innovation and that is the basis of our principle of sustainability.

Focus on the positive result 

We believe in what we do and know how to do it well. We strive to extend our positive experience to all our partners.

High responsibility 

We are responsible for all our obligations and fulfill them, investing in each project all our team professionalism and accumulated years of experience.

Solid team

Our team of professionals shares corporate values of the company and works as the single mechanism to achieve common goals, with maximum zeal and commitment to the principles.


We have deals in various geographical locations, multicultural environment, with people of different religion and political views. Therefore, we cherish our reputation very much, all employees of our company are tolerant and loyal to different social environments and social flow.

Our office phone: 007 (812) 988-33-19, taruspro@gmail.com

We can arrange shipment of our products for big orders inside Russia