Polypropylene packaging

Polypropylene bags and sacks production

We produce Ad Star woven polypropylene bags for lump and bulk products packaging and also extra various products, made of polypropylene. Our polypropylene bags production is equipped with the latest technological equipment of Starlinger (Austria) with capacity of 44 000 000 bags per year. Our products are most advanced solution in the transport packaging and bulk materials packing and used on large domestic manufacturing enterprises and international logistics. We produce the following goods, made of polypropylene:

Ad Star woven polypropylene valve sacks for cement packaging 10 – 80 liters (brick bags with valve);

▪ woven polypropylene wagon inserts for the goods protection inside freight railcars during transportation;

▪ woven polypropylene fabric in rolls with width from 600 up to 1 700 mm;

▪ woven polypropylene fabric sleeve in rolls with width from 300 up to 850 mm;

▪ Ad Star ready woven polypropylene sacks with open top and square bottom for lump products packaging;

▪ sewed polypropylene bags with handles (or without) according to the customer’s layout;

▪ soft polypropylene pots for ornamental and garden plants;

* Polypropylene fabric can be coated (laminated) by the surface during the production process with mixture of molten polyethylene and polypropylene. Coating of surface imparts special characteristics to the polypropylene fabric, makes it more solid and hygroscopic, and also permit us to print images without distortion. For polypropylene valve bags for cement we can apply perforation during the manufacturing process.

We produce polypropylene fabric in rolls of any color, including fabric with specific characteristics. For example, polypropylene fabric with high resistance to direct sunlight or frost-resistant fabric. We can print any image of 6 colors on the surface of the final product according to the customer’s layout; for that we use flexo printing with spirit inks.

To order our products or request quotes please contact us with any convenient way for You. On request we can arrange delivery of our products to any point of Russia and the EU countries and Africa. The terms of payment, minimum order and price to be agreed in accordance with the complexity of manufacturing according to customer's requirements.

Our office phone: 007 (812) 988-33-19, taruspro@gmail.com

We can arrange shipment of our products for big orders inside Russia