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In our company you can order development of the technical documentation, we design and manufacture conveyors, machinery, parts and apparatuses, control systems and software for automation of the production processes on industrial facilities, control cabinets with strain measurement, synchronization of the technological equipment, design of projects for different kinds of production

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We design and manufacture custom-tailored equipment, assemblies, mechanisms, components and machinery parts for industrial production. We can design and produce both mechanical parts and devices according to your drawings, as well as design from zero and manufacture a complex technological equipment with its own control system

About TarusPro

The TarusPro project was founded in the 2008 thanks to a group of experienced specialists in area of design and production of the industrial equipment and microelectronics, who worked for a long time in the company-manufacturer of packaging and technological equipment Russian Meal. Initially we were engaged in export of European packaging and technological equipment to the Russian market …

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