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Production of grippers for robots

Our company has mastered the production of grips for robotic manipulators used in industrial production. Now we can offer full import substitution for owners of European and American equipment for group packaging and anthropomorphic robots for car assemblers. We can manufacture a complete replacement for the original mechanical robot gripper, driven by any type of drive, and integrate this attachments into the original software of the robot itself. Thus, the customer receives significant savings when ordering this mechanical unit from us than if he ordered the same unit from the original manufacturer of the robot.

Grips for robots of different types

Together with production technology of the mechanical part of the robot gripper, our process engineers have mastered programming of the control unit of the robot itself, so now our software can be fully integrated into the original equipment control system, supplied originally by the robot manufacturer. You can order from us:

  • Grippers with pneumatic or hydraulic drive
  • Electric grippers or magnetic grippers for robot