Polypropylene termo bags (fridge)

Product code: 000007
Manufacturer: TARUS-PRO
Production and sales:

polypropylene cooler bags with handles

(fridge) for food products.

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E-MAIL: taruspro@gmail.com

Maximum bag size: not limited
Material: polypropylene woven fabric
Insert: foamed foil-coated polyethylene
Density of PP fabric: 40 - 140 g/m2
Outer layers quantity: 1 or 2
Minimal order: 500 handbags
Term of production: 2 weeks

Polypropylene cooler bags (thermal insulated bags)

We are the manufacturer of cheap polypropylene thermal insulated bags (fridge handbags) for food storage. The outer layer of the cooler bags consists of highly durable polypropylene fabric, coated by the surface of a molten mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene. Due to this lamination our cooler bags are very difficult to rupture. Inside cooler bag there is a special insert. It is a foil-coated polyethylene foam. This foil-coated polyethylene foam gives the handbag insulating properties, providing possibility of long time food storage. We manufacture thermo bags (mobile refrigerators) of any size by customer's layout. Minimum order is 500 handbags. Thanks to usage of modern materials in the design of our cooler bags, it is one of the cheapest product on the market and, at the same time, extremely durable.

Cooler handbags application area

Polypropylene thermal insulated bags (fridge handbags) are quite widespread. They are used during hiking as a portable refrigerators, also by vacationers on resorts and by car travelers for lunch storage and so on. We produce refrigerator bags using the most modern technologies of production for woven fabric - the basis of bags. We manufacture polypropylene woven fabric - the outer casing of the cooler bags - with equipment of Austrian company Starlinger. Unique technology provides us very robust products with minimum cost. This is the main advantage of our polypropylene handbags production.

Advantages of cooler bags (fridge)

We produce polypropylene thermo insulated bags (cooler bags), which favorably with competitors with the following advantages:

▪ low cost;

▪ high strength and wear resistance;

▪ beautiful appearance;

▪ ability to print any image on the surface;

▪ low weight;

▪ easy transportation when folded;

▪ possibility of recycling;

Polypropylene cooler bags on request

We accept orders for manufacturing of cooler bags (refrigerator bags). Minimum order is 500 fridge handbags. On the surface of the product we can print any advertisement or logo according to customer's layout in 6 colors. Polypropylene fabric, that forms the outer layer of the cooler handbags, can be produced in any color. Handbags sizes are not limited. If you want to buy wholesale polypropylene thermo bags (fridges) please contact us any way you want.

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