Polypropylene bags with handles

Polypropylene woven fabric

We produce customized polypropylene bags wholesale. For bags and cooler handbags production we use our own polypropylene woven fabric of high quality. We manufacture polypropylene woven fabric with surface lamination (coating), using equipment of Starlinger (Austria) company. Technologically we are capable to produce woven fabric with density from 40 g/m2 up to 140 g/m2. Our woven polypropylene fabric is coated on the surface with melt mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene. This lamination makes woven fabric incredibly durable and moisture - resistant. This woven polypropylene fabric is used as the raw material for production of various handbags, made of polypropylene.

Polypropylene bags on request

We manufacture customized polypropylene bags wholesale. In our range there are the following products:

▪ polypropylene bags "invaders dream" (Russian comic name of the bags);

▪ polypropylene thermal insulated cooler handbags (fridge);

▪ polypropylene bags with handles for plants;

Also by the order we can produce any other stitching products, made of woven polypropylene fabric. Size and colors are not limited. Minimum order is 500 pieces.

How to buy polypropylene bags ?

To buy polypropylene bags wholesale please contact us any convenient way for you. Our manager will send you a brief questionnaire to clarify some technical details, then we can calculate the cost of production of your order. Our polypropylene bags are manufactured using the most modern production technology of raw materials. Handbags have high strength and durability and low cost. For the substantial orders we can arrange delivery of our products inside Russia. This product does not require mandatory certification in Russian GOST. Call us right now.

Our office phone: 007 (812) 988-33-19, taruspro@gmail.com

We can arrange shipment of our products for big orders inside Russia