Cooperation and business in Russia

TARUS-PRO invites European, American and Chinese manufacturers (OEM) to beneficial and long term cooperation. We have large customers database, our own team of professional sales managers, great experience both in sales and service and engineering team, experienced with complex technological projects for industrial factories throughout Russia and CIS.

We understand importance and difficulty of entering the new markets in high uncertainty risks environment. The original manufacturer has limited resources often, especially in view of the lack of necessary information fields, access to the market and contacts with potential customers. How to increase sales in this case? You will need an official dealer (distributor), who knows local market situation and has well developed network of contacts with potential consumers. Local distributor (authorized dealer) has more penetration level in required industry to promote the product of the OEM manufacturer. We offer opportunities to promote your products in Russia and former CIS countries.

Work on the Russian Market with unique culture and business environment

Foreign companies entering Russian market for the first time, only surprised shrug. What to believe in this vast flow of information and misinformation? How to behave with Russian businessmen during negotiations and informal communication? What should I say?

This question is impossible to answer without professional assistance, because of the significant difference of the Russian market from generally accepted standards of doing business worldwide. Off course, you will never see savages dancing with a bear, playing on balalaika and drinking vodka straight from the bottle. The level of education and skills of Russian businessmen is extremely high and international business rules well known to us. But ... but this is Russia. As it was written by the famous Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev "... the mind can't understand Russia ...". Or closer to the Western people famous character - Sir Winston Churchill said: "... never make any plans against Russia. On any of your thoughtful strategy it will meet its unpredictable stupidity ...". Yes, the national character indelibly imprints on all that happens in our country. Untrained foreigner accustomed to think in the framework of worldwide established business models and typical Russian event seems for him as an utter chaos. But it's only at the first glance. You need just to understand the enigmatic Russian soul, and this requires time and considerable.

Entering Russian market and sales starting in Russia are impossible without assistance of  local professionals, who will show and tell what you need to do and how, and also warned against useless or not economically viable activities. We have many years experience on the Russian market of  industrial and packaging equipment sales, large customer database, our own team of professionals in the field of packaging and machinery sales and service team.
For more than 8 years development, we have accumulated considerable experience in equipment sales to Russia and implementation of different projects of the European equipment of various types, interaction with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and promotion of  new technologies. We have developed systematic strategy for penetration of the manufacturer (OEM) to the domestic Russian market, ensure effective result achievement of sales in Russia and customer service. In our business practice, we are guided not only by the traditional international business rules, but operate with deep understanding of the Russian consumers and knowledge of national color. In no other country of the world you can find such contradictory and, at the same time, mysterious business environment as we have on the Russian market, however, with a huge grow potential for the future development. The key difference of the Russian market from European and American - this market is not 100% occupied. There are entire segments of the Russian market with a huge sales potential, waiting for the manufacturer, in which no one player is being presented at the moment. This capability opens up truly fantastic prospects for the most persistent and dedicated companies.

Cooperation with a Dealer for Sales in Russia

Are you an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or raw material and packaging producer from Europe or USA or China? Looking for a distributor or official dealer in Russia?
First, please read and consider below.

Many important aspects of communication with Russian consumers remains incomprehensible to foreigners due to the peculiarities of the national character. Because of  that, companies, which attempted to enter the Russian market, made critical mistakes and lost competition with other manufacturers. Doing business impacts the size of our country and the degree of  information availability. All these factors, ultimately, have decisive influence on the effectiveness of marketing and sales in Russia. Many foreign companies, which ignored local needs and attempted to act in Russia according to the standard business practices, failed and were forced to leave the Russian market as we say "went back without a ride".

Specific factors for doing business in Russia are:

▪ wide geographical dispersion of the potential consumers and long distances;

▪ transport and seasonal availability of certain regions;

▪ availability of information and level of knowledge of modern communication systems by the population;

▪ existence of monopolies and oligopolies in certain segments of the Russian market;

▪ state regulation of several sectors of the national economics;

▪ private and confidential information about certain enterprises;

▪ confusing and difficult to understand for foreigners decision-making mechanism;

▪ there are hidden factors that affect on the implementation of projects;

▪ multiplication effect of the projects;

▪ peculiarities of communication with Russian customers, which are not typical business practice in EU;

It's not all the difficulties faced by foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEM) on the Russian market. Solution of all these problems and the only correct way is to find an official dealer in Russia. Our company with great pleasure invites the European, American and Chinese companies to cooperate in the area of manufacturing automation for sales to Russia of the industrial equipment and new technologies, suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials, and we will consider any variants and forms of interaction in B2B segment.
You want to sale in Russia your product? You need reliable, experienced, and long-term partner or a distributor for implementation of the interesting and promising projects? We are at your service. Call or email us now and we will reply shortly.

Equipment Sales to the Russian Market

Having many years of experience in equipment sales to Russia of foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEM), especially European companies, we are interested mostly in cooperation with the manufacturers, which offer an unique and rare technologies. We have team of  highly qualified specialists in the field of sales in Russia and maintenance of complex industrial and packaging equipment, experience in maintaining of the long-term partnership relations with Russian customers and European companies, as well as in-depth knowledge of sales to Russia process with a long cycle of decision making.

Are you an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or raw material and packaging producer from Europe or USA or China? Looking for a distributor or an official dealer in Russia?

Contact us right now. Our experience and professionalism, as well as an extensive customer database in combination with the advanced technology will work together to achieve significant results in promoting Your company on the Russian market. Cooperation with our company will allow You to significantly raise up level of your sales to Russia in B2B segment, to enter and secure your position on the Russian market. Contact us right now and we will start to act immediately !

Primarily we are interested in:

▪  foreign manufacturers of industrial and packaging machinery;

▪  manufacturers of packaging materials and raw materials for packaging;

▪  companies associated with production of environmentally friendly materials;

▪  foreign manufacturers of  the new technologies and equipment;

▪  foreign manufacturers of equipment for food production and packaging;

We are happy to consider any other proposals in the related area for cooperation.

Do you need official dealer to begin or to increase sales in Russia? We are at your service. Send us some information about your company including contact details, small presentation, product catalog. We will contact You soon and discuss possible cooperation.

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