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Equipment and machinery parts

We design and manufacture customized equipment, assemblies, mechanisms and machinery parts for industrial production. You can order in our company manufacturing of mechanical devices according to your drawings for the repair of existing equipment, or design from scratch and production of a complex processing equipment with its own control system for automation. We also produce systems of automation for the production lines, including automation control boxes (cabinets) with a special software. We can produce machinery parts according to your drawings, as well as design parts by ourselves for further production. In our company you can order design and manufacturing of equipment or machinery parts for embedding into your existing production line from 1 piece and more.

Mechanical equipment and machine parts

for integration into existing production lines

Deep-frying sieves

Metal sieves for industrial frying in oil

Mixer with plow

Continuous motion plow-mixer

Hydraulic scissor lift with roller conveyor

Scissor hydraulic lift with roller conveyor for integration to production line

Distributor of empty pallets

Distributor of empty wooden pallets for palletizer

Service platforms

Metal platforms on the frame for equipment maintenance

Hand grips for anthropomorphous robots

Mechanical grippers with actuator for robot manipulators

Machinery parts

Design and production of machinery parts under request

Quadcopter grips

Mechanical grippers to hang cargo under quadcopter

Parts production according to drawings

Production of metal parts according to customer's drawings

Equipment for bulk products

for production and packaging

Hoppers for product

Storage bins for product loading

Big bag loading equipment

Equipment for loading of bulk product into big bags

Hooks for big bags

Metal hooks for hanging of big bags

Sewing heads

Bagging stations for sewing bags with thread

Screw auger dosers

Dispensers of bulk products with screw

Aspiration systems

Equipment for removal of mechanical impurities and air purification

Production automation

for better performance

Control cabinets for automation

Control cabinets for equipment on Siemens, Omron controllers

Special software

Creation of software on Siemens, Omron controllers for APCS

Control cabinets with strain gauge

Assembly of control cabinets with load cells for in-line weighing

Synchronization of equipment

Synchronization of equipment of different manufacturers

Equipment placement layout

Projects of complex supply of equipment for production arrangement

Conveyor equipment

for industrial production


Design and production under the order

Roller pressing conveyor

Pressing conveyor to compact the product in the bag

Scissors lift with roller conveyor

Pantograph type scissors with roller

Conveyors for the wood

Conveyor equipment for the forestry industry