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Automation for production, APCS

We design and manufacture customized equipment for production automation. You can order in our company control cabinets for APCS (Automatic Process Control Systems) on the basis of industrial controllers Siemens, Omron with push-button operator panel or touch screen, weight control system for mass production with strain gauges and automatic statistics collection, special software development for SCADA systems with individual parameters, complectation and layouts of equipment from different manufacturers into a single project of the technological complex with synchronization of units and remote control interface via Internet or Ethernet LAN under Windows. All units of control systems are produced by order and can be fully integrated into the existing factory control system.

Control cabinets for APCS

Control cabinets for equipment on Siemens, Omron controllers

Special software

Creation of software on Siemens, Omron controllers for APCS

Control cabinets with strain gauge

Assembly of control cabinets with load cells for in-line weighing

Synchronization of equipment

Synchronization of equipment of different manufacturers

Equipment placement layout

Projects of complex supply of equipment for production arrangement