Control cabinets for industry

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Control cabinets for industrial automation

In our company you can order

  • Automatic control system cabinet for industrial equipment and technological production process automation
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation control cabinet
  • Lighting control cabinet for industrial facilities
  • Automatic control Cabinet ACS TP (common)
  • Automatic fire pump control cabinet
  • Electrical motors control cabinet
  • Valves control cabinet
  • Boilers control cabinet
  • Gate control cabinet



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● Control cabinets for industrial automation manufacture

We design and manufacture custom-made electrical automation control cabinets for technological processes (ACS TP), for main production and packaging equipment, based on industrial controllers Siemens, Omron. Cabinets are equipped with electrics Schneider, ABB, Mitsubishi, IEK. The control panel of the cabinet is equipped with a touch screen with a graphical user interface or a keypad with traditional buttons and switches at the request of the customer. The control cabinet is integrated into the existing process control system and synchronized with the operation of other equipment control devices. It is optionally possible to connect it to the remote control system via Internet or a local Ethernet network with WEB interface programming or output of equipment operation parameters via Windows interface.

Control cabinet with time relay

Control cabinet housing

Operator push button control panel

Complete set of control cabinet ACS TP

An universal process control cabinet of an automatic process control system usually includes the following elements:

  • Step-down transformer from 220 V to 24/12/6 V
  • Industrial PLC controller Siemens, Omron on the motherboard
  • Automation system special software
  • Removable storage memory unit (option) for recording operation parameters, statistics, saving the archive
  • Frequency inverter for electric motor control
  • Servo drive control unit, stepper motor
  • Interface board, switching for collecting data from digital and analog sensors, data exchange board via Internet, Ethernet (local network)
  • Automation elements — electric automats, time relays, soft starters, thermocouples, mode switches, light-sound alarm equipment
  • Control box housing
  • WEB interface for remote access via Internet

To control technological process, we create our own software and install it to industrial control cabinet controllers. The control system is synchronized with your equipment and ERP system

We carry out design, assembly, commissioning of control cabinets and automation for process control systems. All control cabinets are made by order after studying the technological process or technical specifications, provided by the customer. Protection class IP 54 and higher. Control circuit and automation elements on request 24 V or 12 V or 6 V, depending on the type of industrial controller.

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● Special software for control cabinet for APCS

Our programmers develop special software for controlling the production process using control cabinets for industrial control systems, based on industrial controllers PLC Siemens, Omron. For the latter, we have an Omron license. Interaction with the equipment operator is realized through a touch screen with a visual graphic display of the technological parameters of working process (user interface). A push-button execution of the operator’s interface is possible to simplify the perception. All software is fully compatible with industrial process control systems, used at your enterprise.

You can order in our company

  • ACS TP control cabinet with software for the technological process
  • ACS TP control cabinet with software for industrial equipment
  • Automation control cabinet for conveyors, transportation systems
  • Control cabinet for industrial boilers
  • Control cabinet for industrial pumps
  • Control cabinet on industrial controllers with strain gauge for dosers (unloading and bagging of products)
  • Control cabinet for silos for storage of bulk products and their transportation systems in the technological cycle
  • Other types of control cabinets ACS TP for equipment automation

● Technical documentation

We design and manufacture custom-made cabinets for automatic process control systems for industrial control systems. Each cabinet is supported with the necessary set of technical documentation, including:

  • Equipment passport (Service manual)
  • Circuit diagram
  • Connections diagram
  • Wiring diagram
  • Quality certificates

When ordering software for automatic process control systems written by our programmers, the necessary technical documentation is provided on request.