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Equipment integration into single project

Complex projects

In our company you can order design projects and integration of complex equipment of different manufacturers into your production process. Our experts carry out selection and layout of complex equipment to create a single production facility for a specific tasks. We develop ready-made production projects based on partial solutions of different equipment manufacturers, which are combined into a single project for the production of the final product.



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● Projects of industrial productions

If you need to start the production of a product, but you cannot find a manufacturer of necessary equipment that would complete your turnkey task, contact us. We will prepare a turnkey production project, select and integrate equipment from different manufacturers into a single technological chain, then perform installation and commissioning. The work of all production units of equipment will be synchronized and combined into a single control system for industrial control systems with the output of production statistics and option of remote control. You can order an integrated turnkey production project from us based on technological solutions from different equipment manufacturers.

Control cabinet with time relay

Control cabinet housing

Operators push button control panel

What is included in complex project of production facility

The manufacturing complex usually includes separate units of equipment from different manufacturers, that connected by technological conveyors to each other. Some pieces of equipment are assembled with a service platform with fences and have their own control cabinets for process control. All units are connected in a single technological chain through a common control system, usually using an Ethernet local network. Cable wiring, aspiration systems, supply and exhaust ventilation, drainage, operators control panels, emergency alarm equipment, workinf area and operator tools are based on the layout of the production building. Equipment operation is synchronized both mechanically (for example, by adjusting the speed of operation of the connecting conveyors), and programmatically using special software. The common control center receives data from all the machines, involved in the production, using a network protocol. Output of the control interface is carried out on the engineering stuffs computers in the control room. Working parameters are entered into the enterprise management system ERP.

Types of productions whose projects we do

We carry out equipment layout and integrated design to create the following types of productions:

  • Food production and packaging
  • Agriculture — processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables
  • Chemical industry — bagging and packaging of fertilizers
  • Metalworking industry
  • Production and bottling of liquids, oils, chemicals
  • Processing industry — production and packaging of charcoal, peat, sapropel, expanded clay, packaging in big bags

  • Bulk products transportation and storage systems
  • Complex transportation systems (conveyors)
  • Machinery and engineering — production of equipment, machine parts
  • Mining industry — conveyor systems, transportation and storage of soil, gravel, stones, sand
  • Production, bagging and packaging of dry mixtures, cement
  • Production, bagging and packaging of consumer goods

Experts of our company carry out not only the comprehensive design of productions of various types, based on the layout of equipment from different manufacturers, but also installation and commissioning of the equipment, as well as production tests.

● Technical documentation

Design and comprehensive integration of the equipment for creation of productions is carried out with specialized programs SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Our experts analyze your plan and technical features of your production building and create the optimal solution for the placement of equipment, connecting modules and workstations. When ordering a production project from us, you will receive design documentation for the entire technological complex and detailed design documentation for individual pieces of equipment, required for coordination and synchronization of various units. With the help of our technical documentation you can produce any missed component and system elements from any equipment manufacturer. The timing of the production project is determined after studying technical specifications of the customer.