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Equipment for bulk products

We design and manufacture customized equipment for the production and packaging of bulk materials. We produce loading hoppers with a drive for integration into packaging line of the customer, loading and unloading system for big bags, metal hooks for hanging of big bags, sewing heads and sewing station for closing of bags up to 50 kg with a bulk product by sewing of the neck after filling the bags in automatic mode, screw worm dosers for transportation and feeding of bulk materials, aspiration system for dust removal from working zone of the operator. These products are used in the production and packaging of dry mixes, cement, peat, lime, sand, crushed stone / gravel, etc. All equipment and machines are designed and manufactured individually according to the customers request. We focus and specialize on the integration of these systems into existing processing equipment of other manufacturers to reduce the total cost of the production machinery. Our equipment is fully synchronized with the existing customers control system APCS for automation.

Hoppers for product

Storage bins for product loading

Big bag loading equipment

Equipment for loading of bulk product into big bags

Hooks for big bags

Metal hooks for hanging of big bags

Sewing heads

Bagging stations for sewing bags with thread

Screw dosers

Dispensers of bulk products with screw

Aspiration systems

Equipment for removal of mechanical impurities and air purification