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Aspiration systems for industry

We design and manufacture custom-made aspiration systems for industrial equipment and production lines. Aspiration allows the removal of dust and light particles, arising from the processing and packaging of certain types of raw materials. Inlet nozzles of the aspiration system are mounted above the dusting tract of the equipment and reduced into a single duct, from which they are pumped out by a special air exhaust fan into the outlet tract or into a filtrering installation unit, in which bag-type air filters are mounted. All aspiration systems are designed according to an individual project.



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● Design of aspiration systems

In our company you can order the design and manufacture of an industrial aspiration system for technological equipment. Aspiration is used in industry to remove dust and small particles from the working area of ​​industrial equipment to prevent contact with humans. Calculation of the aspiration system is carried out by our experts after a technical audit of your production or examination of technical documentation for an existing production line. Industrial aspiration system consist of inlet pipes, air ducts, air pumps (exhaust fans), cyclones, air purification module (dust collector) and a group of filter bags (bag filters), output pathway, automation control cabinet, based on Siemens or Omron industrial controllers, with a control panel for the operator and interface for connecting of remote control and statistics collection. Productivity of the aspiration system is selected based on the parameters of your production line. Individual parts of the air purification system can be excluded from the project at your request.

The aspiration system has modular design. You can take part in its design by choosing the modules you need and excluding unnecessary equipment

Where industrial aspiration equipment is used

  • Sawdust removal during woodworking
  • Coal dust removal during packaging of charcoal or coal
  • Flour dust removal during flour transportation and processing
  • Removal of suspended particles during processing and packaging of dyes, sugar, sugar substitutes, food additives
  • Metal dust removal in metal processing
  • Dust removal from rocks during screening and processing in mining industry
  • Removal of suspended particles during bagging and packaging of mineral fertilizers
  • Removal of dust and suspended particles in the production and packaging of dry building mixtures, cement, concrete

Drawings of aspiration system

Equipment design is carried out in the SolidWorks environment. The aspiration unit and air ducts fit into the production room, taking into account the arrangement of existing equipment. Together with the project of aspiration system, working design documentation can be provided, including drawings of individual parts and component specifications, with which you can manufacture an aspiration system with the help of any other equipment manufacturer, if for some reason you do not order its production from us.


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● Filtering installations

The filtering installation is a part of aspiration system and intended for filtering contaminated air. The equipment includes a compressor for pumping pressure in the system, set of pipes (ducts), installation casing with a service maintenance platform, bag filters for air purification and an exhaust fan. Filtering installation unit is the end of the aspiration system and performs function of physically separating pollutants from the air stream. Bag filters, used for air purification, can be used repeatedly after periodic cleaning. Dimensions and capacity in m3 / hour are calculated based on the needs of production. This equipment is a system of dry air purification from mechanical particles and dust, generated in the process of industrial production. The filter plant is designed and manufactured by order, based on the parameters of existing equipment.

Options for filtering installations

Filtering installation (filter plant) is supplied being assembled and ready for operation. The equipment can be connected to an existing duct system. A variant is possible for indoor installation and for outdoor installation, taking into account working conditions at low temperatures. The control cabinet for automation is included into the kit, including power automation for supply and exhaust fans, dampers, air «wiring» (allows you to automatically clean bag filters) and low-voltage control automation based on an industrial Siemens or Omron controller. For convenience, a push-button operator panel is installed (anti-vandal performance is possible). When integrating an aspiration system into a common ERP enterprise management system, it is possible to create an interface for remote access via a local Ethernet network.