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Big bag loading and packaging equipment


We design and manufacture custom-made semi-automatic equipment for filling big bags with bulk products. Equipment includes dosing and packing system for big bags, pre-suspended by the operator on hooks, through a loading funnel. Packaging line has a pantograph-type lifting platform for uncoupling filled big bag with a bulk product, doser (several dispensing methods are possible), metal service maintenance platform and control cabinet for automation.



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● Big bag loading equipment production

We design and manufacture bulk products filling stations for big bags. The loading system has a metal frame with maintenance platform for servicing equipment, over which doser is mounted. Type of doser is determined depending on characteristics of the bulk material. Funnel for unloading the product from doser and hooks for hanging of an empty big bag are fixed under the doser. Operator of the packaging line manually hangs up an empty big bag on the hooks, and then, using control cabinet panel, performs dosing of the product into big bag.

Depending on the characteristics of the bulk product being packaged, big bag loading system may include gravity, belt or screw doser

Pantograph lifting platform is located under the big bag, on which wooden pallet is installed by operator. In the process of filling big bag with a bulk product, big bag settles on the pallet and platform. After loading is completed, operator using the control panel ot equipment, lifts pantograph platrofm up and removes filled big bag from the hooks.

Completeness of the filling line for big bag

  • Product hopper for doser
  • Net, gross, belt, gravity or screw doser (gross weight with big bag or net weight of product)
  • Metal structure with equipment maintenance platform on the frame
  • Filling funnel and hooks for hanging a bag big
  • Lifting platform — pantograph
  • Control cabinet for automation of packaging line


gross weight dosing


Big bag packaging line options

  • Preliminary storage bin for product
  • Screw conveyor for loading of bulk products into the hopper
  • Roller storage conveyor under the filling station for working with several big bags
  • Empty wooden pallets store
  • Aspiration system for protection against dust, generated during the filling of big bags process, including nozzles and flanges, air ducts, vacuum pumps, filter bags, cyclones and automation unit
  • Empty big bag inflating system for easy opening
  • Pantograph vibration platform for internal shrinkage (compaction) of the product inside big bag

Big bag packaging line application

Semi-automatic packaging line for loading big bags is used in the food, chemical, metallurgical industries, in the construction industry for production and processing of various bulk materials. The following bulk materials and products are usually packaged into big bags: food additives, sugar substitutes, mineral, chemical, organic fertilizers, dyes, dry building mixes, cement, soil, sand, peat and so on. Big bag filling station requires participation of one operator in the operating mode.

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● Technical documentation for the project

Big bag loading station is designed in the specialized SolidWorks and AutoCAD programs, drawings are reproducible and standardized. Complete with equipment for big bags, depending on your needs, we can produce the following technical design documentation:

  • Design documentation, including technical proposal, outline design, technical design (drawings)
  • Detailed design documentation, including specifications, assembly drawings, detail drawings for the prototype

Using our technical design documentation, you can independently produce and assemble packaging line for filling of big bags. The cost and terms of designing equipment and technical documentation are specified individually.