Storage hoppers

we design and manufacture

Loading storage hoppers (bins)

We design and manufacture custom-made loading hoppers (bins) with a drive for storage and supply of bulk materials. Bunkers are used for the accumulation and temporary storage of bulk products before being fed to the packaging machine, in the system for transporting and dosing of bulk components, for filling and unloading of big bags. Storage hopper can have a mechanical, pneumatic or electric vibro drive for shaking the product insidehopper and a control cabinet to ensure cyclic operation and synchronize the flow of product from the hopper to doser, or product transportation system. We manufacture loading bins of any volume.



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● Design, development, production of hoppers and bins

We manufacture custom-made loading hoppers for various industries. Volume of the hopper is from 50 to 5000 liters or more. The hopper is placed on a power steel frame made of Steel 3 or Steel 20. Walls are made of chrome sheet steel 09G2S or other steel grades, depending on the application of bin. The hopper kit includes an electric drive for feeding the product from the hopper along the discharge tray and a vibration drive for shaking the product inside the hopper. It is also possible to equip hopper with various types of unloading devices for incorporation into the customer’s automatic line. We can design and produce a bunker according to an individual project of the customer in a non-standard shape and size, hopper from special materials, bin with reinforced structure for receiving and storing inert materials with high abrasiveness. Other special solutions are possible.

Application of storage hoppers

  • Mining, supply of non-metallic materials
  • Food industry
  • Forestry industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture (agro-industrial complex)
  • Production of building construction materials

  • Storage and dosing of inert materials
  • Storage and packaging of flour, sugar, grain
  • Hoppers for potatoes, vegetables
  • Production and packaging of cement, dry mixtures
  • Paint and varnish production
  • Filling and packaging of fertilizers, peat, charcoal and coal, sapropel

Options of hoppers

Loading storage bins are the part of a technological production line, therefore, they almost always require integration into existing equipment. Together with bunkers, we make custom-made power frames (service platforms for maintenance), metal trays, pneumatically driven buckets, unloading devices for feeding the product from the hopper to packaging, various types of conveyors for transporting the product to the hopper and other auxiliary products, parts and connections. You can send us layout of your production line and our engineers will design necessary connecting nodes to integrate the hopper into your equipment.


for outdoor hopper


● Control cabinets for storage hoppers automation

Most of the loading bins for storage and feeding of bulk products in industrial production are not just metal containers on the frame, but are autonomous equipment with it’s own control system. Moreover, this control system is synchronized with the existing enterprise ERP system, since feeding and dosing of the bulk product, stored in the hopper, is carried out according to the program in continuous production cycle. Therefore, we produce storage bins together with control cabinets for production automation, with a control panel for the operator (push-button panel or touch screen is possible depending on the degree of automation of production), with an interface for synchronization of operations of the production line and the hopper through a local Ethernet network, based on an electronic board with industrial controller. We manufacture control cabinets for storage bins on Omron and Siemens controllers. For control units, our engineers develop and write it’s own software, compatible with the customer’s software.

Drawings for loading storage hoppers

If you do not plan to order manufacturing of a storage hopper from us, we can offer you to design and development technical documentation for your project, with which you can produce a hopper or auxiliary equipment for storage and transportation of bulk materials from a third-party equipment manufacturer. Technical documentation for the equipment at your request may include design documentation and working documentation. All drawings are fully standardized and can be reproduced by any equipment manufacturer.