Screw auger doser

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Screw auger dosers

We design and manufacture custom-made screw auger dosers with an electric drive for feeding and dosing of bulk products. Auger doser includes a screw in housing, length of which is determined depending on the needs of the customer and raw material being transported, motor and control cabinet, through which the operation of screw is synchronized with existing equipment. Such auger doser is used in the feeding lines of sugar and similar products. Another type of auger doser is a storage hopper, inside which a screw system for dosing and feeding of the bulk product is mounted with further discharge into the loading neck. This type of screw doser is used, for example, for packaging of compound feed.



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● Screw auger dosers manufacture

In our company can order design and manufacture of auger dispenser under the order. Depending on the application, the doser can be made with a direct auger — for feeding of loose and finely lumpy products from the storage hopper into the loading funnel, through which the product enters the package, or with a bended auger — for transporting the dosed product to the desired distance through a curved pipe. In the second case, the screw is made of a special alloy, that can withstand lateral bending during rotation of the screw, due to which our screw doser can feed the bulk product from one level to another level in height. The required screw diameter and feed are calculated based on the performance data of the packaging line equipment.

Auger doser with straight screw

This type of dispenser with an axial screw consists of the product storage hopper, inside of which there are straight stainless steel screws. Thanks to the counter-rotation of coaxial screws, bulk product from the storage hopper enters the loading hopper of the doser, located under the hopper, from which it is then poured into the packaging bag during bagging process at the signal of the doser. Screw auger feeders for feed, granulate, food additives, dyes and other bulk products work on this principle. The dispenser has its own control unit with an industrial PLC controller and ability to synchronize for integration into the existing customer’s packaging line.

Auger doser with bended screw

This type of dispenser with a non-axial screw is used in industrial production for lifting up of bulk materials from one height level to another. Auger is located inside the metal pipe, through which the product moves. It is possible to design a screw doser with a straight pipe or with a curved one for placement in a complex room. The design includes an electric motor or gearmotor; it is also possible to use a servo drive to adjust the screw speed. Curved tube screw dosers are used for transporting and dispensing of sugar, with a straight pipe for feeding cement and dry mixtures into a packaging bag.

Area of application of screw auger doser

  • Production and packaging of dry building mixtures, cement, gypsum, lime
  • Sugar bagging and packing
  • Packing of viscous products, flocculant
  • Bagging and packaging of flour

  • Bagging and packaging of compound feed, sawdust
  • Automatic feeding of feed compound for farm animals
  • Grain transportation
  • Feeding of concrete mixtures, mortars

● Technical documentation

If you want, you can order from us only the design of a screw doser without it’s direct manufacture. We will provide you with working design documentation, with which you can produce and assemble an auger doser from any equipment manufacturer. We also produce technical documentation for dispensers, including both design documentation and drawings in SolidWorks, as well as maintenance and repair documentation, that will be required when the equipment is integrated into existing production line. Production terms are agreed individually.