Bags sewing

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Sewing machines, stations, heads for bags

We supply and install bags sewing machines for automatic bag sewing stations in the packaging process. We carry out maintenance and repair of this equipment. Bag sewing with the help of automatic embroidery stations based on embroidery machines (sewing head), used in the in-line production and packaging of bulk materials, packed into bags up to 50 kg and sewn with threads. Sewing station has an automatic lubrication system for moving parts. The working process — sewing of bags — occurs automatically without operator intervention.



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● Installation of sewing station

Automatic bags sewing station consists of a metal frame for installing a sewing machine, that is built into the customer’s packaging line, sewing head, lubrication system for nodes with automatic oil supply, device for feeding the neck of the bag to the sewing station and thread holders. Frame with the machine is mounted above the conveyor belt, through which filled bags with a product pass. We supply sewing machines from European manufacturers and integrate them into the customer’s production line. Work of the sewing station is completely autonomous and does not require operator intervention, only periodic replacement of consumables — threads and oil is needed. We also carry out maintenance and repair of bags sewing stations.

Area of application of sewing stations

Bag sewing machines and stations are used in industries where packaging of bulk products in paper or woven polypropylene bags up to 50 kg is required. For low productivity production manual sewing machines are used (most often made in China), and for in-line production — automatic sewing stations, based on European sewing machines are used. The bag closing system is autonomous and does not require synchronization with the operating parameters with packaging line equipment. Station maintenance does not require highly qualified production personnel. Automatic bag sewing stations are used in the following industries:

  • Filling and packaging of charcoal, coal, brown coal into paper bags
  • Filling and packaging of dry mixtures, cement
  • Packaging of peat, sapropel, fertilizer into polypropylene woven bags
  • Filling and packaging of sugar, flour, bulk food products into two- layer polypropylene woven bags with a polyethylene liner


for bags sewing process


Types of sewing seam for bags closing

Bag sewing machine has several options for closing the bag with threads. Option is selected based on the properties of the packaged product. It is possible to simply sew the neck of the bag with threads, sew with bending of upper part of the bag, sew with a paper overlay (for dusty products) and seal sewing seam with a paper overlay after sewing. For charcoal, simple sewing is the most common process due to its low cost.


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