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Conveyor equipment and parts

We design and manufacture customized conveyor equipment for food, mining, forestry, metallurgical industry and agriculture. Conveyors are manufactured in stationary and mobile versions (on wheels) to be able to move. It is possible to use special grades of steel to ensure operation in particularly difficult conditions. In our company you can order belt, scraper, screw, spiral, chain, plate, roller, bucket conveyor, as well as parts, accessories and consumables for conveyors. Also you can order from us working project (design) documentation, including drawings and specifications, on the basis of which you will be able to assemble conveyor with the help of any other equipment manufacturer.


Design and production under the order

Roller pressing conveyor

Pressing conveyor to compact the product in the bag

Scissors lift with roller conveyor

Pantograph type scissors with roller

Conveyors for the wood

Conveyor equipment for the forestry industry