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Conveyors and parts for them

You can order in our company

  • Belt conveyor
  • Scraper conveyor
  • Screw (auger) conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Apron conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Spiral conveyor
  • Bucket conveyor
  • Parts, components, consumables for conveyors



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● Design and production of conveyors

We design and manufacture conveyor equipment — conveyors under order. We can manufacture the conveyor according to the customer’s drawings or design and manufacture the conveyor by ourselves according to your technical requirements. If you do not have a ready-made technical task, our experts will help you determine technical characteristics of the necessary conveyor equipment, after which we will make a project in Autocad or Solidworks and manufacture the conveyor you need. When ordering a conveyor with us, together with the equipment you will receive from us the whole set of technical documentation, including project and working drawings. According to these drawings, you can (if desired) independently assemble our conveyor as a children’s designer.

If you want to buy foreign-made equipment, which comes with conveyors, you can order these conveyors from us, which will save your money

We design and manufacture not only freestanding conveyors, but also automatic conveyor systems for integration into your existing production complex of equipment. Our conveyor systems can be equipped with control cabinets based on PLC Omron, Siemens industrial controllers for subsequent connection to your existing production ERP system with the ability to remotely control loading hoppers with vibration feed of the product and / or pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, control sensors, various dampers and diverters to control product flow. Complete with a conveyor, you can order a service platform from us and other auxiliary metal structures.

Conveyor options

  • Storage hopper on floor level for filling with the product
  • Conveyor frame, including mobile structure (on wheels)
  • Product hopper for dispenser (doser)
  • Product dispensers — multi-head weighter, linear doser, auger screw doser, volumetric rotary doser
  • Loading funnels, branch pipes, flanges
  • Holders (grips) for the bag under the loading funnel
  • Conveyor control cabinet with automation
  • Controller with software for connecting to an ERP system
  • Other options are possible


Tensioner mechanism


Possible types of conveyor belts

  • Chevron conveyor belt
  • Conveyor belt with corrugated board and transverse ribs
  • Rubber conveyor belt
  • Rubber cable conveyor belt
  • Elevator conveyor
  • Smooth textile conveyor belt
  • PVC conveyor belt
  • Polyurethane conveyor belt


Conveyor assembly


Video of chevron type conveyor

Design of modular sectional conveyor with a chevron belt for feeding of wood pellets into a linear weighing doser with a pneumatic drive and strain gauges for weight control. The system includes an automatic control cabinet with a Siemens PLC controller.


with chevron ribbon



● Technical documentation

Also, you can separately order from us only technical documentation for conveyor equipment, i.e. design of a conveyor or parts for it without direct manufacture. In this case, you will receive a set of ready-made drawings and a specification for the equipment you need.

Drawings of conveyors and extra equipment

If you do not plan to order production of a conveyor from us, we can offer you the development of technical design documentation for your project, with which you can produce a conveyor or other equipment from a third-party manufacturer. Technical documentation for the equipment at your request may include design documentation and working documentation. All drawings are fully standardized and can be reproduced by any other equipment manufacturer.

● Conveyor's and other machine's parts

In addition, we develop technical documentation and drawings for individual parts and components of conveyor systems and other machines. We can produce a part you need according to the model (possibly broken), according to your drawings or by designing this part according to the dimensions you specify. The cost of manufacturing of machine parts is determined individually in each case. Read more about the production of machine parts in the Documentation section.

You can order from us development of drawings and production of conveyor parts and other machines and equipment from 1 piece

In addition to manufacturing of machine parts, we also assemble individual mechanisms, used in production as independent equipment or as part of more complex technological line. If you need to produce a separate unit, which is a part of the technological production line, — we are also ready to help you with this — we design and manufacture equipment units..

Conveyor roller bearings

Conveyor belt tensioner (conveyor end)

Belt conveyor section with roller bearings

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● Conveyors for industry

For various industries, we design and manufacture conveyors in different configurations. Special construction materials are also used, steel grades with increased corrosion and chemical resistance, taking into account the specifics of work in aggressive environments, explosion-proof conveyors, conveyors with protection against static electricity for working with powders and in dusty environments. We know the industry specifics of various types of industries and can offer a wide selection of optional opportunities to manufacture conveyor equipment in exact accordance with your needs.

You can buy in our company

  • Conveyors for the food industry
  • Conveyors for the chemical industry
  • Mining industry conveyors
  • Conveyors for the forestry industry
  • Conveyors for coal and peat
  • Mobile conveyors on a frame on wheels
  • Inclined conveyors of various shapes

  • Conveyors for sticky products (Teflon coated)
  • Conveyors for frozen foods (spiral)
  • Conveyors for bulk products (screw auger type)
  • Conveyors for small piece products (bucket type)
  • Conveyors for lumpy products (scraper)
  • Sectional conveyors (modular type)

● Non standard conveyors

We carry out the design and manufacture of non-standard conveyors with complex shapes and sizes. By order, we can produce Z-shaped conveyors, conveyors with variable bending (screw), conveyors with an adjustable angle of inclination, conveyors with a belt width of more than 1200 mm. Conveyors are equipped with control cabinets based on Siemens, Omron programmable logic controllers and Schneider electrics. Power frame made of Steel 3 or other steels.

Forestry conveyors

Conveyors for forestry production

Roller for bags pressing

Roller conveyor for bag pre-pressing

Pantograph with roller conveyor

Roller conveyor with scissor lift