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Forestry conveyors

You can order in our company

  • Belt conveyor for the woodworking industry
  • Spiral conveyor
  • Screw conveyor
  • Cross chain conveyor for boards on sawmill
  • Parts, components, consumables for conveyors in the forestry industry



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● Woodworking conveyors

We design and manufacture custom-made conveyor equipment for the woodworking industry. In the forestry industry, conveyors are used at every stage of wood processing, from the initial sawing of logs to the production of glued beams and drying boards. Mainly for moving long lumber used roller conveyors — rolls. Also for auxiliary tasks, belt and screw conveyors can be used. We design each conveyor individually for the tasks of a particular woodworking enterprise, provide all necessary technical documentation complete with equipment.

Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors are built on the principle of a block-modular system. You can create a transport system for timber by combining individual roller conveyors together. Roller racks are made with chain drive or without. The equipment is equipped with a system of protective devices, including emergency cables and buttons for an emergency stop — such as a mashroom type stop-button. Dimensions of rollers and dimensions of conveyor are agreed individually under the order. Production of a roller conveyor with smooth rollers or with conical rollers is possible.

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors are used in the woodworking industry to transport auxiliary materials, such as sawdust. We produce horizontal and inclined belt conveyors with chevron and smooth conveyor belts. The conveyor can be equipped with a loading hopper with a vibratory drive to shake the material. It is also possible outdoor or indoor execution of the equipment, a mobile version on wheels for ease of conveyor movement.

Spiral conveyor

Spiral and disk conveyors are used as an alternative for roller conveyors at those points of production, where the contact area square of ​​the product and conveyor is important. Basically, these are docking sections of the roller conveyor, which moves light loads, for example, after the station for applying glue to lamellas. We design and manufacture spiral conveyors under the order.

● Cross conveyor for boards

We design and produce under the order a transverse conveyor for logs. The cross conveyor is used on a sawmill to feed logs from the unloading zone to a longitudinal conveyor to move to sawing, in the production of logs and profiled timber. The equipment has a powerful frame with several sections with a chain drive, allowing you to move the log. By default, speed of the log is constant. Optionally, a control cabinet with a frequency converter can be equipped to adjust the feeding rate of the logs and a device for dumping the logs. Parameters of the cross conveyor are specified on request.


  • Width from 4 to 8 m
  • Log length from 6 to 17 m
  • Loading from 5 m3 to 50 m3
  • Feeding speed 5 m / min
  • Installed power from 5 kW

Also, you can separately order from us only technical documentation for conveyor equipment, i.e. design of a conveyor or parts for it without direct manufacture. In this case, you will receive a set of ready-made drawings and a specification for the equipment you need.


Design and production under the order

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Pressing conveyor to compact the product in the bag

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