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Press conveyor for bags pressing

We design and manufacture custom-made conveyor for pressing of filled bags of 10 — 50 kg. The equipment is based on a roller or belt conveyor, along which pass pre-filled bags with the product weight up to 50 kg. The upper conveyor module also has a built-in roller table or belt (depending on the type of product in the bag) and is pressed against the bag from above during movement. Thus, the product in the bag during movement through this press module is compressed and spreads over the bag, making the shape of the bag closer to brick. It is convenient to stack bags with product on pallets in manual or automatic mode using a palletizer, after they have passed through press conveyor.



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● Press conveyor for bags production

Bags pass between upper and lower conveyors, which are compressed at the moment, when bags are passing in them. Compression force is controlled by the drive. Basis for the pressing conveyor is lower roller with a drive. The module is autonomous and can be integrated into your packaging line after a vertical packaging machine before palletizing. At the entrance to pressing conveyor comes a pillow shaped bag, and at the exit after pressing conveyor this bag is similar to a brick — due to the uniform distribution of the product inside the bag during pressing process. This equipment is small and can be integrated into any type of production lines. The conveyor for pressing bags can be used in the packaging of various loose, finely lumpy and powdery materials on horizontal or vertical packaging machines into a paper or polypropylene bags weighing from 10 to 50 kg.

Where press conveyor for bags is used

  • Bagging and packaging of compound feed
  • Charcoal bagging and packaging
  • Bagging and packaging of fertilizers
  • Bagging and packaging of food additives

  • Packing of dry mixtures, cement
  • Bagging and packaging of dyes
  • Bagging and packaging of washing powder
  • Packaging of other bulk materials

Press conveyor for pressing bags can be built into the complex of equipment of any Russian, European or Chinese manufacturer


for filled PP or PE bags


for feeding bags to press conveyor


● Technical documentation

You can order in our company design and manufacture of a press conveyor for bag pressing, as well as technical documentation for it. Also, you can order from us only the working design documentation for this equipment, with which you can then produce press conveyor from any equipment manufacturer and assemble it yourself. When ordering from us, together with equipment we can provide all necessary set of technical documentation, including a passport and anв Service manual.