Robot clamps

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Robot palletizer grips (clamps)

You can order in our company

  • Mechanical robot clamp for bags
  • Mechanical robot clamp for carton boxes
  • Mechanical robot grip for wooden pallets
  • Robot grip for cardboard sheets between product layers on wooden pallet
  • Vacuum gripper for robot (suction cups for sheets of glass, metal, sandwich panels)
  • Magnetic grippers for robot for working with sheet metal and parts
  • Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic grips (captures) for antropomorfos robotic arm or palletizer



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● Robot gripper production

We design and manufacture customized mechanical grips for robotic manipulators, used in industrial production. The mechanical gripper is designed on the basis of Service manual of the customer’s robot manipulator or palletizer, technical specifications and product samples, that are planned to be moved using this gripper. If you do not have a ready-made technical task, our specialists will help you to draw it up or to determine technical specifications, required for the capture manufacturing.

Robot grip drive

Depending on what is planned to be moved using the product capture, robot grip can be activated using:

  • Electric drive — for electric grips
  • Pneumatic actuator — for pneumatic grippers
  • Hydraulic drive — for hydraulic clamps
  • Mechanical drive — for mechanical captures
  • Electromagnetic drive — for magnetic grippers
The mechanical gripper control system will be fully synchronized with the drive of your robotic arm with a possibility of remote control via ERP system

All mechanical grips are designed only on order. By order, we can design and manufacture any type of mechanical gripper for installation on any type of robot manipulator, including anthropomorphic robotic arm (so-called Human Hand), cartesian robot (cartesian stacker), layer type palletizer robot and other types of robots of any manufacturer.

Clamp type gripper for bags

A mechanical clamp of the lattice type is used in robotic manipulators and palletizers for working with bags weighing from 3 to 50 kg. The clamp closes on both sides of the bag, after what manipulator lifts the bag from the discharge conveyor after packaging line and transfers it to a wooden pallet. This type of clamp has standard pneumatic or hydraulic drive.


for bags moving


Vacuum and magnetic grippers for sheets

The vacuum suction cups gripper is used for sheets of glass, metal, sandwich panels and bags with a relatively low weight. The gripper is equipped with several vacuum suction cups, number and size of which is calculated depending on the weight of the product, lifted by the gripper. Vacuum gripper can be combined with side vanes for additional product support.

Magnetic gripper for the robot is used when working with sheet metal or other metal parts. According to the principle of operation, it resembles a vacuum grip.


for sheets moving


Robot gripper with plates for carton boxes

Robot with plates (blades) is used to move cardboard boxes, wooden carts and various containers with parallel walls using a palletizer. Gripper plades adjoin to the lateral surfaces of the load and compress it in the gripper, which allows you to lift and move the object.


for carton boxes


Mechanical grip for wooden pallets

Mechanical grip for wooden pallets makes it possible to lift 1 pallet from the empty pallets store in the automatic palletizer using long metal hooks and feed this pallet to the roller conveyor for palletizing goods. Typically, mechanical grip for pallets in palletizer is combined on the frame together with another type of gripper for the robot.


for wooden pallets


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● Technical documentation for robot gripper

If you need a mechanical grip for the robot — contact us. We will design and manufacture required gripper for the robot, manufactured by any Russian or foreign equipment manufacturer. Depending on the object being moved, gripper can be equipped with mechanical holders, vacuum suction cups or magnets. The type of capture drive — mechanical, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic — is determined by the object of movement and parameters of the equipment available at the customer’s production site. All robot grips are designed in SolidWorks and AutoCAD programs, drawings are reproducible and standardized. Complete with a grip, depending on your needs, we can produce the following technical design documentation:

  • Design documentation, including technical proposal, preliminary design, technical project (drawings)
  • Detailed design documentation, including specifications, assembly drawings, detail drawings for the prototype

Using our technical design documentation, you can independently manufacture and assemble a gripper for your robot. The cost and terms of designing equipment and producing documentation are specified individually.

Robot grip with blades for bags moving

Robot clamp for automatic palletizer

Robot grip with plates for carton boxes

Area of application for robor grips

Mechanical robot grips are used in industrial production at automatic palletizing stations for group stacking of products on a wooden pallet, using a palletizer, as an actuator for moving of sheet materials of metal, glass or drywall in workshops, for robotic processing of parts by anthropomorphic robot manipulator, for group packaging on a wooden pallet of bags, cardboard boxes, for lifting of non-standard metal products.