Empty pallets dispenser

we design and manufacture

Automatic feeding system for empty wooden pallets for robot palletizer

Pallets shop (dispenser) is used for automation process of feeding empty wooden pallets into the robot palletizer, which places on these pallets bags with a product up to 50 kg or cardboard boxes. The pallet store is a stacker with a stock of empty pallets up to 25 pieces, from which empty wooden pallets are fed into the palletizer one by one using a pusher. Palletizer automatically places filled bags or cardboard boxes on a wooden pallet to the desired level (or counts in pieces), then pushes ready pallet with bags or boxes on the roller conveyor from under the stacking system, and signals to the pallet store to supply a new empty pallet. Thus, human — operator — is excluded from the process of group packaging of the products.



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● Empty wooden pallets dispenser manufacturing

We design and manufacture a custom tailored shop (store) for empty wooden pallets. The pallet shop is integrated as an option into the customer’s existing robot palletizer for automatic stacking of bags or boxes on the pallets. Capacity of the pallets store is up to 25 pieces. Empty pallets are loaded into the pallets store with the help of a forklift, and supply of empty pallets from the pallets store to the palletizer is carried out by means of a pneumatic pusher on the roller conveyor with electro- drive by a signal from palletizer. Pallet shop is used for production automation with high productivity and is an option for group packaging equipment. Operations of mechanisms are fully synchronized with the customer’s control system. Usage of a pallet shop can significantly increase productivity of group packaging of products and eliminate manual labor of the operator.

Pallet store drive

The pallet shop is a metal storage frame with pneumatic drive, pushers and control system (unit). The frame is mounted on the drive roller table, technologically connected with a palletizer. System includes mechanical limit switches and a group of capacitive sensors to control the number and position of empty wooden pallets, as well as to protect operator of the line. Equipment is controlled automatically by a «ready signal» from the palletizer and does not require human intervention.


● Application of empty pallets store

The store for empty wooden pallets is used on all types of in-line production, where group packaging of products on pallets is used. This may be a food production — for example, bottling of champagne, followed by packaging of bottles into cardboard boxes and laying these boxes on a wooden pallet. Group packaging is also used in the production of cement and dry building mixtures — paper or polypropylene bags up to 50 kg with finished products are stacked in several layers on a wooden pallet. In continuous production, the use of manual labor of heavers is impossible, since they physically will not be able to keep up with the operation of the packaging line, therefore, in such cases, a palletizer robot (stacker) is used with automatic feeding of empty pallets from the pallet store. This equipment is offered by many foreign manufacturers complete with a palletizer, but its purchase makes economic sense only from Russian manufacturer. You can order an automatic store from us for the supply of empty wooden pallets, we will manufacture it, integrate it into your existing production line and synchronize its operation with your equipment. The pallet shop is used in the following industries:

  • Food production (palletizing of boxes with any product)
  • Bottling of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Packaging of cement, dry building mixes into bags up to 50 kg
  • Filling and packaging of fertilizers, peat

  • Group packaging of building and finishing materials, filling of big bags
  • Production and packaging of consumer goods
  • Production and group packaging of household chemicals, cosmetics, hygiene products
  • Other types of industrial production

Dimensions of the pallet store

The store for empty wooden pallets is mounted directly on the floor of the production room. To ensure safety of the line operators, a protective mesh with barrier sensors is installed around equipment. The required area depends on the size of the used pallets and ranges from 1600 x 1600 mm. Height of the equipment depends on the required capacity of the empty pallets store. With a capacity of 25 pieces, height of the equipment is about 2700 mm.