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The plow mixer has centrifugal principle of operation. Inside the sealed cylindrical drum housing is a rotating shaft with plow-shaped plates. Rotation of the shaft with plades throws components to be mixed into free space of mixer, where they move in the direction against centrifugal force along the walls of the drum. Plow share captures entire mass of the product in the mixer at the same time, thereby carrying out intensive mixing of components even with a short mixing time.



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● Manufacturing of plow mixer

The plow-shaped mixer is used for mixing of dry solid materials (powdery, granular, fibrous) with each other, for mixing of dry product and liquids (subject to clumping and sticking), for mixing of a paste-like products with liquid. The plow mixer is mainly used for mixing products that require additional grinding with liquid during mixing process. The liquid is supplied to the rotors, that are additionally installed in the lower part, which break the product at the moment of injection.

With a certain modification, the plow-shaped mixer can be modified into a meat massager, used in food production

The plow mixer allows automatic mixing of soy protein, flour, starch, flavorings, food colors, chemicals and fertilizers. Plows of mixer are placed on the shaft according to the Christmas tree scheme, are adjustable along the length of the stem and are slightly directed in different directions from the edges to the center, so that when mixing they rotate product from the center of the drum to the edges, and when unloading the product from the drum, it is slower from the edges to the center .

Models and sizes of the plow mixer

  • drum volume 150 l, mixing volume 4.5 m3 / h
  • drum volume 300 l, mixing volume 9 m3 / h
  • drum volume 600 l, mixing volume 18 m3 / h
  • drum volume 1200 l, mixing volume 36 m3 / h
  • drum volume 2400 l, mixing volume 72 m3 / h
  • drum volume 4800 l, mixing volume 145 m3 / h


with service platform


We can produce under the order a plow-shaped mixer of almost any volume for the required performance. Each plow mixer is made in accordance with individual customer requirements.

Application of plow mixer

  • production of drugs and medicines
  • production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • production of dietary supplements
  • animal feed production
  • baby food production
  • cosmetic production
  • food industry


of plow-shaped mixer


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Options of plow mixer

  • Stainless steel machinery parts (for the food industry)
  • Structural steel machinery parts (for increased wear resistance)
  • Mechanisms in dust and water resistant design
  • Cutterheads and their holders (for converting dry matter into fiber or granulation)
  • Product heating or cooling system
  • Product wetting system when mixed with spray nozzles and pipes
  • Loading hopper 700-1000 l, nozzles, funnels
  • Pressure pump for compressed air up to 6 atm. for purging the mixer
  • Control cabinet with PLC controller, protection class IP 54, software with several mixing modes, frequency converter for smooth start-up and adjustment of rotation speed and reverse of the mixer mechanism, button control panel for automation
  • Service platfrorm (for maintenance)
  • Dry screw feed conveyor
  • Outfeed auger conveyor for finished mixed products
  • Control cabinet for feed and discharge screw conveyor, with frequency converter

● Technical documentation for plow mixer

The plow-shaped mixer is designed in the specialized SolidWorks and AutoCAD programs, drawings are reproducible and standardized. Complete with a plow mixer, depending on your needs, we can produce the following technical design documentation:

  • Design documentation, including technical proposal, outline design, technical design (drawings)
  • Detailed design documentation, including specifications, assembly drawings, detail drawings for the prototype

Using our technical design documentation, you can independently manufacture and assemble a plow mixer. The cost and terms of designing equipment and producing documentation are specified individually.