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Hydraulic scissors lift


Pantograph type hydraulic scissor lift is used in various types of industrial and construction equipment. Pantograph can be used in the mechanisms of stationary and mobile hydraulic elevators, in the system of roller conveyors for lifting big bags and other goods, as a unit in construction and aviation for lifting platforms, as a mechanism for moving people with goods. We produce scissor lifts by order.



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● Hydraulic scissors lift manufacturing

We design and manufacture scissor hydraulic lifts — pantographs, which are the actuator for various devices and industrial equipment. The drive is carried out using high pressure hydraulic cylinders. Elevator can be equipped with a roller conveyor for transporting wooden pallets, a platform for lifting goods, a belt conveyor for moving bags. Design of a hydraulic lift is carried out in AutoCAD or SolidWorks according to your technical task. If you do not have a ready-made technical task, our experts will help you to determine technical characteristics of the required scissor lift, after that we will design a project and produce required hydraulic lift you needs.

Scissor hydraulic lift (pantograph) is manufactured under the order. All hydraulic parameters are determined based on the pay load on the lift and it's application.

When ordering a scissor hydraulic lift from us, together with the equipment you will receive from us the whole set of technical documentation, including design and working documentation for the equipment, as well as drawings. If necessary, we conduct dynamic tests of the scissor lift with fixing results in the Test Report, we can perform these actions on our technical base. The timing of equipment manufacturing and technical specifications are determined in accordance with the area of application of the hydraulic scissors lift.

A video of the scissor lift assembly is available on the right.

Scissor lift options

  • Conveyor drive on the top of hydraulic lift
  • Reinforced pantograph frame
  • Lifting platform tensometry — strain gauges for weight measurement
  • Pneumatic or electric vibrator for the platform
  • Scissor lift control cabinet with push-button panel for the operator
  • High pressure pump for hydraulic system

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● Technical documentation

You can also order separately only the technical documentation for the hydraulic scissor lift, i.e. designing a pantograph or parts for it without direct manufacture. In this case, you will receive a set of ready-made drawings (working documentation) and a specification for the equipment you need.

Drawings for hydraulic scissor lift


Hydraulic lift design


If you do not plan to order the production of a hydraulic lift from us, we can offer you the development of technical design documentation for your project, with which you manufacture a scissor lift or other equipment from a third-party equipment manufacturer. Technical documentation for the equipment at your request may include design documentation and working documentation. All drawings are standardized and can be re-produced by any equipment manufacturer.

● Hydraulic scissor lift with roller conveyor

In industrial production scissor lift with a roller conveyor at the top is used instead of the lift with a platform. Pantograph is used for transporting of wooden pallets with products — this situation can occur, for example, during packaging process of big bags. After filling the big bag, which is mounted on a wooden pallet, it must be lifted to remove the big bag loops from the hooks. In this case, pantograph lifts already filled big bag on the roller conveyor, and operator removes the big bag loops from the hooks. Then pantograph lowers big bag to the level of the rest of the roller conveyor and operator shifts the filled big bag on a wooden pallet along the conveyor to the side of discharge conveyor. We also manufacture such transportation systems.