we design and manufacture

Sieves, colanders for roasting of fruits, vegetables

You can order in our company

  • Sieve for roasting of nuts in oil
  • Deep fat sieves, sieves for deep-frying
  • Stainless steel industrial strainers
  • Blanching sieves (colanders) for vegetables
  • Coffee roasting strainer
  • Sieves for scalding of fruits, berries
  • Sieve for cooking of fried potatoes
  • Sieves for the fryer



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● Industrial sieves, colanders manufacturing

We design and manufacture industrial stainless steel sieves and colanders for use in roasters, ovens, deep-fryers, automatic blanching machines, used in industrial production and in public catering establishments. Sieves are made by order from 1 piece. To order a sieve for deep-frying from us, you can provide us a drawing from Service Manual of your equipment or bring a sample. If you have exported equipment — roasting machines (ovens) for nuts, blanchers, various aggregates for sifting of bulk materials and you cannot order spare parts from the original manufacturer — contact us. We can produce sieves according to your technical documentation.

You can order from us sieves and colanders for

  • Fruits blanching
  • Blanching of vegetables
  • Blanching of greens
  • Blanching of fish
  • Berries blanching

  • Roasting of nuts in oil
  • French fries
  • Deep-Fried Food
  • Steaming of vegetables

Application of industrial sieves and colanders

Stainless steel industrial sieves are mainly used in immersion apparatuses, i.e. machines, that temporarily immerse the product into any liquid. This process occurs while roasting of nuts in oil or during blanching of fruits or vegetables — i.e short-term processing of the product with boiling water or steam. Blanching is widespread in the food industry in the processing vegetables and fruits.

ТарусПро – производство оборудования


with submersible sieve for fruits

● Technical documentation for sieves, colanders

Sieve for deep fat, frying and blanching are designed in specialized programs SolidWorks and AutoCAD, drawings are reproducible and standardized. Complete with a blanching sieve, depending on your needs, we can design and produce the following technical documentation:

  • Design documentation, including technical proposal, outline design, technical design (drawings)
  • Detailed design documentation, including specifications, assembly drawings, parts drawings for the prototype

Using our technical design documentation, you can independently manufacture and assemble a sieve for frying. The cost and terms of designing of the equipment and technical documentation are specified individually.