Polypropylene fabric and sleeve

Product code: 000003
Manufacturer: TARUS-PRO
Production and sales:

woven polypropylene fabric in rolls,

woven polypropylene sleeve in rolls.

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Raw material: polypropylene
Fabric width: 600 - 1700 mm
Woven sleeve width: 300 - 850 mm
Density of PP fabric: 40 - 140 g/m2
PP threads on 10 sm2: from 20 up to 55
Linear meters in roll: 5000 l.m.
Roll weight: 500 kg
Color: any
Minimal order: 20 000 l.m.
Term of production: contact us

Polypropylene fabric in rolls

We produce woven polypropylene fabric in rolls with width up to 1 700 mm. For that we use original production equipment of Starlinger (Austria). Our production capacity reaches 140 000 linear meters per day. Polypropylene yarns being the basis of polypropylene fabric, are coated (laminated) with a mixture of melt polyethylene and polypropylene. Surface lamination of polypropylene fabric makes it extremely durable and moisture resistant. We produce woven polypropylene fabric in white color as the standard; depending on the order, different colors are available, including red, yellow, green, blue, black and other colors. Fabric density range from 60 to 220 g/m2. We can print any picture of 6 colors on the surface of polypropylene fabric according to customer's layout.

Polypropylene fabric parameters

Key features of polypropylene fabric depend on the customer requirements, including density of yarns / 10 cm2, density of fabric g/m2, color of woven fabric, presence of different additives in raw material to obtain special characteristics of the end product. To protect polypropylene fabric from direct sunlight we add into raw material UV stabilizer. For frost-resistant woven polypropylene fabric production we also introduce special additive. We produce woven polypropylene fabric in rolls with the following parameters:

▪ width of polypropylene fabric from 600 to 1 700 mm;

▪ extrusion density 40 - 140 g / m2;

▪ quantity of polypropylene yarns in 10 cm2 from 20 to 55;

▪ woven fabric color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, black and others;

We dispatch polypropylene fabric in rolls with weight up to 500 kg per roll; minimum order depends on the parameters of the product and can start from 1 roll. Woven fabric in rolls has length of winding up to 5000 meters. Winding length depends on the density of fabric. Production time of certain ordered polypropylene fabric depends on the complexity of order and must be pre-agreed.

Polypropylene sleeve

We produce polypropylene sleeve, made of polypropylene fabric with width from 300 up to 850 mm. We also dispatch polypropylene sleeve in rolls, as well as polypropylene fabric. Main physical characteristics of the sleeve coincide with the parameters of polypropylene fabric. Having the same weight as fabric in rolls, polypropylene sleeve in rolls has twice less length of the winding. We can print on the surface of the laminated polypropylene sleeve any picture according to the customer’s layout in 6 colors on both sides, using flexo printing. Minimal order depending on the required parameters of the finished product and can start from 1 roll.

How to purchase polypropylene sleeve

To buy polypropylene sleeve or woven polypropylene fabric please contact us in any convenient way. We will send you a brief questionnaire to clarify some technical data, then prepare a quotation. The cost of the product depends on the required by the customer parameters and % occupation of production. By request we can arrange delivery of our products to all regions of Russia and in the EU countries and Africa.

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