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Equipment design, maintenance, repair

We create technical documentation, design and manufacture conveyors, machinery parts and devices, develop control cabinets and special software for production processes automation (APCS), control cabinets with strain measurement, provide service of synchronization for technological equipment of different manufacturers and layout of equipment into a single complex production project. Specialists of our company carry out repair, restoration and service maintenance of the industrial equipment of factories, carry out training of production staff of the customer. In our company you can also order original spare parts for imported equipment, manufactured in Europe.

Design of equipment and documentation

for industrial production

Technical documentation

Design and working project documentation

Machinery parts

Design and production of machinery parts by order

Design of conveyors

Conveyor systems assembly and production

Creation of automation systems, APCS

for industrial production

Control cabinets for automation

Control cabinets for equipment on Siemens, Omron controllers

Software development

Creation of software on Siemens, Omron controllers for APCS

Control cabinets with strain gauge

Assembly of control cabinets with load cells for in-line weighing

Synchronization of equipment

Synchronization of equipment of different manufacturers

Factory projects layouts

Factory projects with complex equipment of different manufacturers

Repair and maintenance

for existing complex of equipment

Service maintenance

Maintenance of industrial equipment

Recovery of equipment

Repair and restoration of equipment operability

Repair of coal equipment

Restoration of working capacity of coal packaging lines

Repair training

Training of customer's staff to repair equipment

Production and assembly under order

equipment units and assemblies

Production of machinery parts according to drawings

Production of metal parts according to customer's drawings

Spare parts, consumables

for European equipment

Original spare parts

Original spare parts for European equipment