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Control cabinets with strain gauge

We design and assemble turnkey ACS TP control cabinets with strain gauges to determine weight. Strain measurement is used in industrial production for continuous weighing of products, for example, for filling and unloading of big bags, packaging of cement into bags up to 50 kg and other types of packing of bulk materials. Control cabinets include an electronic unit, based on an industrial controller, low-voltage automation of the control circuit, special industrial software, written by our programmers, and an operator panel to display operating parameters. Strain gauges, performing in-line weighing of the products, are switched with the control cabinet through the built-in I / O chip. The operator sees on the control panel all the weighing parameters and general statistics of the production line. If necessary, statistics can be output remotely via a local Ethernet network.



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● Industrial weighing

Strain gage control cabinets are used in automatic production lines for in-line weighing of products. Complexity of the process lies in the presence of time to calm oscillations of the strain gauge sensors after passing the weighed product. Typically, the weighing module is built into the production line so that the product moves along sensors and the product does not fall on top of them. In this case, the decay time of oscillations is significantly reduced. The control cabinet includes an electronic unit with a controller, which receives signals from the weighing module. Built-in software allows you to record product weighing with high speed and collect production statistics. An addition, there is an option to reject the product, if it is overweight or underweight. A control cabinet with strain gauge is necessary equipment for organizing in-line weighing of products in the industrial production cycle.

Where control cabinets with strain gauge are used?

  • Food production and food packaging
  • Stream production of machine parts, hardware
  • Production, bagging and packaging of dry mixtures, cement
  • Transportation and packaging of flour, flour products, sugar, food additives, sugar substitutes
  • Agriculture — receiving and processing of vegetables
  • Production and packaging of mineral fertilizers
  • Bagging and unloading of big bags, large bags



For loose products


Weighing system options

Industrial scales include a weighing module, integrated in the production line, and a control cabinet, connected to the module. Weighing module is designed for the existing equipment configuration. Module options are determined by the parameters of the production line. Control cabinet includes a housing with IP 54 protection class and an operator keypad. On request, the cabinet can be made in shockproof housing with anti-vandal design. The operator’s panel can be replaced with a touch screen. Parameters of the displayed statistics are coordinated according to the technical specifications. All equipment with strain gauge is made by order after studying the industrial complex of the customer. Necessary technical documentation is provided.



with weight indicator




Electrical components of industrial control system


You can order in our company control systems for industry — control cabinets with strain gauge — for industrial in-line weighing of products. Cabinets are made under the order in accordance with technical features of the customer’s production. The equipment is fully synchronized with the production control system, available at the factory of the customer.