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Synchronization of equipment

If you plan to launch a new production, the equipment for which consists of machines of different manufacturers, or you need to integrate a new unit of equipment into an existing production complex, you need to synchronize equipment from different manufacturers and its operation. Engineers of our company carry out a range of works to synchronize the operation of equipment from different manufacturers. We carry out design of control systems for synchronization, installation and commissioning of hardware (control cabinets of automatic process control systems) and development of a special software for these purposes. You can order a set of works from us to commission a complex of technological equipment on your production site.

Levels of synchronization of equipment

  • Mechanical synchronization of components and assemblies, such as conveyors speed
  • Logical synchronization — includes cyclograms of individual equipment units
  • Synchronization of equipment with the help of sensors — the order of operation of equipment is determined by external signals from sensors (mechanical limit switches, optical sensors, inductive sensors, gircons)
  • Software synchronization — coordination of equipment operation by connecting each unit to a single control center, that gives control signals to the equipment drives according to the work of special software



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Our company specializes in software synchronization of equipment from different manufacturers. After studying the features of the customer’s production complex, we design and manufacture control cabinets for automation process control systems with our own software, based on Siemens, Omron industrial controllers. The control boards for individual machines are switched into a single data center and further operation of the production is determined by the program settings of the system. This complex can be integrated with SCADA customer system and ERP production management system.

Equipment synchronization elements

To synchronize the operation of equipment from different manufacturers, it is necessary to use the main elements of the system — control cabinets of automatic process control systems for the overall operation control of the line, additional mechanical components and machinery parts, designed for specific production equipment, software and hardware synchronization of the line control units.

Control cabinets for industrial control systems for synchronization

Design and manufacture of machine parts on order

Comprehensive plant layout with equipment

● Control cabinets for synchronization

Synchronization of equipment from different manufacturers requires the creation of a hardware-software complex of automation equipment, integrated into the existing enterprise control system. Basis of this complex is the ACS TP control cabinets, designed according to the technical parameters of production. The brain of the system — is an industrial PLC controller Siemens or Omron, which controls the operation of low-voltage automation system and issue control signals to individual production modules. Power electronics, electrical equipment and automation from leading manufacturers — Schneider, ABB. Our experts develop a special software for controllers, that provide operability of the enterprise lines, with an Omron license. Control cabinets are connected with various units of equipment into a single network, thanks to which it is possible to create an interface for remote control. The complex is managed locally from the operator’s control panel, which has limited functionality, and centrally using special software. Remote access allows you to adjust the system and get production statistics through the Windows interface. The hardware-software complex also includes power and control cables, intermediate control units and elements of the local network, number and purpose of which are determined according to the level of production equipment automation. Terms of manufacturing this equipment are individual. All production equipment is provided with a guarantee and after-sales service.