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We develop software for integrated SCADA systems based on industrial controllers Siemens, Omron, used in industrial control systems. The SCADA hardware-software complex (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is used for automated control and data collection during the operation of automatic production lines, equipment complexes and process control. SCADA system allows real-time logical control of the production process through a human-machine interface. In our company you can order the creation of a SCADA system for your technological process, including design, development and manufacture of hardware and development of software.

SCADA systems allows

  • Exchange data between equipment and control room
  • Logical process control with information displayed on the operator’s monitor
  • Collection and storage of equipment performance statistics
  • Management of emergency modes, alarms, messages

  • Networking and remote access control
  • Generation of reports on the operation of the equipment complex
  • Communication with external applications, databases, web interfaces
  • Synchronization of the technological complex and optimization of production parameters



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We specialize in standalone SCADA systems for industry, based on PLC controllers with special software. An autonomous complex can significantly reduce complexity of the control system, which, in turn, gives the relative ease of working for the operator of the processing line and reduces complexity and cost of maintenance. Our SCADA hardware and software systems are created according to an individual project for a specific technological process and can be integrated into a common ERP industrial enterprise management system.

If you do not understand what kind of equipment or process control system you need - contact us - we will tell you.

In the basic version, we offer software for industrial PLC controllers with an open architecture (SoftLogic) for the Windows operating system. The number of process control points and data collection devices is agreed with the customer after conducting a technical audit of the production process at the facility. We create software for the operation of SCADA systems and process control systems in the following industries.

Our software for SCADA and automation systems used in:

  • Food production
  • Processing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture (processing)
  • Meat processing industry
  • Confectionery and bakery production
  • Production of cement, dry mixes
  • Cosmetic industry

  • Milk pouring
  • Beverages production
  • Processing and packaging of vegetables
  • Perfume and cosmetics packaging
  • Chemical fertilizer production
  • Storage, transportation and packaging of bulk materials
  • Processing of flour, sugar, food additives, dyes

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● Control systems for industrial production

Software development for SCADA systems and process control systems is a part of our company’s work to create automated production control systems. We fully assemble, install and maintain industrial control cabinets, based on PLC controllers for both individual units of industrial equipment and complex technological production complexes, develop software for them and provide training for customer’s personnel on working with the system. All software and hardware systems are provided with a guarantee and maintenance by the engineers of our company. It is possible to order turnkey automated control systems from us. The average (standard) control system includes:

  • Analog and / or digital sensors at process control points
  • Drivers, actuators
  • PLC controllers, ADC boards, interface boards with data input / output ports from sensors and drives
  • Central control cabinet
  • Logical controlling and operator’s user interface with visualization under Windows (HMI)
  • Real-time process control program
  • Statistics and reporting collection program
  • System for monitoring emergency conditions, alarms, visualization of messages and alarms
  • External interface for data exchange through the server and remote control