Machinery parts by drawings

we produce by customer's drawings

Machine parts, units, mechanisms

We manufacture metal parts according to customer drawings. Standard metal is structural steel or steel of ordinary quality. Other materials are agreed upon request. You can order production of equipment parts, machines, mechanisms of varying complexity from us from 1 piece or in series. Parts are manufactured on the basis of detailed design documentation, provided by the customer. If you do not have technical working documentation, our experts can re-create the part you need according to the model (possibly broken). Together with the part, necessary technical documentation is provided.

Assemblies of machines and equipment by order

In addition to metal parts production we also manufacture assembled units, nodes of machines and equipment. If you need a complex mechanical unit of equipment or a node in assembly with an electric or hydraulic actuator, with control sensors (volumetric, capacitive, inductive, optical sensors, mechanical limit switches), hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic wiring, control unit with special software, a cable for connecting to an existing ACS TP control cabinet, an operator keypad and / or a display to visualize the operating parameters — we manufacture such equipment units. The cost and terms of production are determined after studying the technical specifications of the customer. If you do not have a ready-made technical task, our experts will conduct a technical audit of your equipment and help to determine target parameters of the required unit or module and then we will produce it.



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Stages of manufacturing machine parts, assemblies, units

  • If you have technical working design documentation: analysis of drawings, calculation of the parameters of the metal billet for the production of parts, calculation of allowances for various types of machining
  • If you don’t have technical working design documentation (or a sample): creating a 3D model of the part in the specialized SolidWorks design program, parameterizing an object, visualizing drawings
  • Creation of a technological map of the production of a machine part, taking into account the required fixtures, accessories, tools and processing operations
  • Development of a special program for CNC machines, selection of cutting tools
  • Finalization of technical working design documentation and specifications (if required)
  • Fabrication of a metal part or assembly
  • Preparation of technical documentation required by the customer

Types of parts processing

In the process of manufacturing machine parts, components, assemblies and various mechanisms metal billets come through the following types of machining, carried out on the existing machine park:

  • Laser metal cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting (depending on the material)
  • Bending of metal (sheet)
  • Milling works (milling part)
  • Turning (part turning)
  • Welding (welding works)
  • Grinding of parts
  • Electroerosive processing
  • Electroplating

  • Cold and hot galvanized
  • Sandblasting of parts
  • Порошковая окраска детали
  • Fine knot manual assembly (for complete equipment assemblies)
  • Coarse knot manual assembly (for mechanisms and assemblies)
  • Product testing (agreed in advance with the customer)

Our advantages

When ordering machine parts and equipment from us, you will receive a finished product, made of high-quality materials and in strict accordance with your drawings and technical working documentation. All parts undergo a multi-stage quality control during machining. The specialists of our company have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of complex parts of technological equipment. A large machine park for various types of metalworking and many types of equipment allows us to manufacture a wide range of machinery parts and assembly units.

Assembly of units, mechanisms and knots of equipment

In the manufacture of complex components, mechanisms and assemblies, our installers carry out coarse and fine assembly of the finished product. Given the technical feasibility, this finished product can be tested on our site or on the basis of the customer’s site. We carry out installation of components and mechanisms in the customer’s equipment and subsequent adjustment and synchronization of equipment (as agreed). Also, integration of the control system of the assembly we created (with our own control system) into the industrial control system the customer’s enterprise is carried out.

You can order technical refinement from us for an existing part, assembly, knot, equipment mechanism, or integration of a newly created product into your existing equipment