Machine parts

we design and manufacture

Machinery parts and mechanisms

We design and manufacture under order parts of machines and mechanisms for industrial usage, components of technological equipment of Russian and European production. The necessary technical design documentation is provided for all parts in accordance with Russian GOST 2.103-68 and its new edition of GOST 2.102-2013. It is possible to order an equipment part from us and a set of technical design documents for it from 1 piece.

If you have technological equipment and one of mechanisms in it has broken, and it is impossible or too expensive to order this mechanism from the original manufacturer, you can order this equipment part from us. Our experts will develop technical specifications, detailed design documentation and detail drawings in SolidWorks and AutoCad programs and produce a prototype. Small batch production is possible.

You can order from us

  • Details of machines and mechanisms for food production
  • Processing equipment parts
  • Packaging equipment parts
  • Parts of industrial metalworking equipment
  • Other parts of machines and mechanisms for industrial usage


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● Machinery parts design, development

We design and manufacture custom parts for industrial machines and mechanisms — i.e. nodes of production technological equipment, used in various sectors of industry. Our experts can design the part you need according to your sample (possibly broken), according to the available technical documentation or completely from scratch develop working design documentation for the manufacture of the part according to measured parameters. Then we will produce the machinery part you need.

From us you can order machinery parts according to your drawings

If you already have Working design documentation, then we can produce the required machinery part for industrial equipment according to your drawings and specifications. If your equipment is imported from a European manufacturer and it is broken down, we can also pick up an analogue of a broken part or unit of equipment and supply it to you.

● Production of machinery parts

The production of machine parts and apparatus is a technically complex and time-consuming process. The technological schedule for the manufacture of a machinery part includes many stages of mechanical, thermal, chemical, and other types of processing. If we are talking about the production of an industrial equipment unit that has its own control system, in addition to the mechanical processing and assembly of parts, development of a hardware-software control complex is added to the unit, operation parameters of which are synchronized with the control system of the customer’s technological equipment. It is often economically more profitable to buy the required machinery part or spare part from the original equipment manufacturer than to make a prototype or serial batch of the part, assembly or apparatus. Our experts can also help in the selection of original spare parts for industrial equipment.

If you don’t have the opportunity to order original spare parts from the equipment manufacturer or you need to design and manufacture from scratch a part of a machine, equipment, node, — then you can contact us and we will do this work. The production of machine parts in general includes 5 main stages:

  • Development of working design documentation
  • Casting and machining of machine parts
  • Final processing of parts and assembly of equipment components
  • Creation of a process automation control system for a node
  • Synchronization with existing equipment control system

Working design documentation

Working design documentation is a set of design documents, intended for the manufacture and testing of a prototype, installation batch, mass production of products. The working documentation contains information, which is necessary for the manufacture of the machinery part.

Working documentation contains:

  • Specifications
  • Assembly drawings
  • Separate parts drawings

You can order a full complete set from us, as well as a separate document from the technical working design documentation, necessary for you to produce machine parts

Using the working design documentation developed by our experts, you can order production of equipment or machine parts from us or from any other equipment manufacturer

You can order working documentation for equipment and parts of machines and mechanisms from us

Casting and machining of parts includes:

  • Casting of parts
  • Forging
  • Welding, bending
  • Cold stamping
  • Hot stamping
  • Waterjet cutting

  • Laser cutting
  • Turning of parts
  • Milling of parts
  • Hot-dip galvanized parts
  • Grinding of parts
  • Powder coating of machine parts

Parts fitting and assembly

Final assembly of the equipment unit from parts, fitting to the mechanisms of the existing apparatus and debugging is carried out at the customer’s production base through production tests. You can also order a complete node from us, made and assembled according to your drawings. For complex assembly units and nodes, installation (by agreement with the customer) can be done by our specialists.

Creation of an automation process control system

We develop and manufacture custom-made control cabinets for automatic process control systems for industrial facilities and processes. A set of technical documentation is provided for each cabinet. Our control cabinets are used in industrial production for working with individual machines or entire complexes of technological equipment with a high degree of automation. By order, it is possible to connect remote access via Internet or a local Ethernet network with a user interface, statistics, output control parameters to the Windows interface. For control cabinets our experts develop our own software, based on Siemens, Omron industrial controllers (licensed).

Equipment control system synchronization

We develop control cabinets for automation of process control systems taking into account their possible integration into the customer’s automated ERP enterprise management system. Cabinets are assembled on Siemens and Omron controllers with full software and hardware compatibility with equipment from other manufacturers. Control system synchronization is made under order on various industrial network protocols.