Design of conveyors

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Design and development of conveyors

We design custom-made conveyors (transporters) of any type for the food, mining, forestry, chemical and processing industries and agriculture. We are ready to design a conveyor and provide detailed technical design documentation, using which you can independently assemble this conveyor as a child’s designer or produce it according to our drawings and specifications with the help any other equipment manufacturer. Design of conveyor is carried out in the SolidWorks working environment. All parts, components and mechanisms are unified and are freely available on the market. By order, we can also manufacture conveyor parts and supply to you a KIT of conveyor equipment, ready for assembly. Technical documentation for the designed conveyor is provided in full package.

We can design under order the following:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Scraper conveyor
  • Spiral conveyor
  • Chain conveyor

  • Apron (plate) conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Screw conveyor
  • Bucket conveyor (Noria)



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If you intend to buy European or Chinese technological equipment, in which conveyor systems of a foreign manufacturer are designed, then you can contact us and we will design and (if you order from us) we will produce the necessary conveyors and an automatic process control system for them, which is fully synchronized with control system for your production line. Thus, you will significantly save money on the purchase of equipment and get a fully automated conveyor system, that is in no way inferior to the original conveyors of foreign production. In addition, maintenance and spare parts for Russian-made conveyors are significantly cheaper and always in quick access.


Chevron belt inclined conveyor


with PVC belt and cross bars


with different types of belt


with pvc corrugated tape


We design and manufacture custom-made conveyors without a drive, conveyors with an electromechanical drive and conveyors with a control cabinet and our own automatic process control system for synchronization of work with existing complex set of technological equipment. The degree of automation depends on the customer’s equipment and technical specifications. If you do not have a finished technical task, our experts will help you to conduct a technical audit of your production and draw up a technical task, based on agreed target performance parameters.

● Technical documentation for equipment

If you need only technical documentation for conveyors, — then we can develop working design documentation for the production of conveyors and parts for them. Technical working design documentation is a set of design documents, which is necessary for the manufacture and testing of a prototype of conveyor or a mass production. The working documentation contains information necessary for the manufacture of the conveyor.

Working technical documentation includes:

  • Specifications
  • Assembly drawings
  • Parts drawings

You can order a complete set from us, or a separate document from the technical working design documentation, that you need for the production of conveyor.