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Service maintenance and repair of production equipment

We carry out service maintenance and repair of industrial equipment of European, Chinese and Russian manufacturers. If you have a complex of production equipment and you can’t service and repair it by yourself, — contact us, we will take on this issue. Our repair engineers carry out routine maintenance, preventive maintenance and emergency repairs of production equipment on outsourcing.

Service maintenance is a set of organizational and technical measures and work, performed at a customer’s production facility and aimed at maintaining in working condition technological equipment, process control systems and software for it. Service maintenance is carried out on the basis of technical repair documentation (Service manual), equipment passports, Operator’s manual, which are provided by the equipment manufacturer.

From us you can order outsourced maintenance for technological and packaging equipment of various manufacturers.

Tasks of service maintenance:

  • Analysis of technical condition of the equipment, its maintainability and performance
  • Identification and elimination of reasons for the decrease in work efficiency
  • Prevention of equipment failures and downtime, increase of overhaul intervals and service life
  • Verification and optimization of operation parameters of equipment and control systems
  • Elimination of the impact of adverse operating conditions on the equipment
  • Checking the assembly of components and mechanisms, availability of tools and spare parts KITs
  • Replacement of wearing parts, consumables
  • Lubrication, charging, filling with fuel or other liquids and gases
  • Collection and analysis of information about optimal parameters and operating modes
  • Development of measures to optimize maintenance and operation of equipment
  • Technical support and training of the customer’s production staff



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● Equipment service maintenance

Technical maintenance can be scheduled (regulated) or unplanned (unregulated).

Regulated maintenance is a set of measures, carried out in accordance with the technical documentation for equipment on a periodic basis at certain time intervals according to the regulations, prescribed by the manufacturer. Regulated maintenance includes checking and replacing lubricants, wearing parts, testing units and lifting mechanisms, setting optimal parameters for the operation of machines and mechanisms, analyzing technical condition of equipment with technical diagnostic tools. Regulated maintenance is accompanied by a shutdown of technological equipment and carried out according to the approved schedule. Together with the regulated maintenance, usually preventive maintenance of equipment is performed.

Unregulated maintenance is a set of measures for the operational adjustment of equipment, addition of lubricants, emergency replacement of wearing parts. The need for these activities arises from the results of periodic inspections of equipment, monitoring of technical condition using SCADA systems and technical measuring instruments. Identified problems are resolved promptly during technological stops and equipment downtimes.

Service maintenance on outsourcing

Our company provides maintenance and repair services of industrial equipment on outsourcing. If your production has sophisticated technological equipment, but does not have the required number of trained technical personnel, — you can contact us and we will take care of the maintenance of your production complex. We work with equipment of Russian, Chinese, European production. It is possible to order from us service and preventive maintenance for the equipment of the following industries:

  • Food industry
  • Perfumery industry
  • Processing industry
  • Agro-industrial complex

  • Chemical industry
  • Production of cement and dry mixtures
  • Filling and pouring of milk, drinks, technical liquids
  • Metalworking industry