Equipment recovery

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Repair and restoration of equipment

We carry out repair and restoration of technological equipment of European, Chinese and Russian manufacturers. We repair broken mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic nodes and control units of individual machines and entire production lines. If you have a failed process equipment that was previously imported or assembled in Russia, and there is no way to order repair of this equipment from the manufacturer, — please contact us. Our experts carry out complex equipment diagnostics and further overhaul with the replacement of broken parts and assemblies. Based on your broken samples, we can restore the parts and components of the production line and fully restore performance of your equipment.

We restore equipment for industries:

  • Food industry
  • Sewing industry (sewing equipment)
  • Processing industry
  • Production of building materials
  • Agriculture
  • Metalworking

  • Equipment for packaging of peat, coal, bulk materials
  • Equipment for bagging and packing of vegetables and fruits
  • Equipment for the production and packaging of food products
  • Metalworking equipment, CNC machines
  • Wood processing equipment
  • Equipment for packing of dry building mixes, cement



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In event, if the manufacturer of your equipment is no longer exists and you do not have an opportunity to order original spare parts from him, — contact us. We will manufacture the necessary spare parts and machine parts according to broken (inoperable or partially broken) samples and restore your equipment.

Repair and restoration of technological equipment is possible not in all cases. To make a decision about economic feasibility of equipment restoration, our experts provide field diagnostics.

Types of equipment repair

Recovery of equipment performance is achieved through the usage of three types of repair — reactive repair (i.e. repair upon failure or full use of the equipment’s operating life, which is used for relatively inexpensive equipment that is duplicated in the production line), preventive maintenance and operational repair (according to the actual technical condition). You can order a reactive and preventive maintenance repair of equipment from us.

Types of preventive maintenance

  • Technical maintenance is performed on a periodic basis according to the technical documentation for the equipment by own personnel of Technical Department of the enterprise or on outsourcing. In our company you can order maintenance of equipment on outsourcing
  • Current repair (recovery) includes minor troubleshooting and replacement of wearing parts. Usually carried out by own staff of factory
  • Medium repair (recovery) is a replacement of the main components and assemblies with full or partial disassembly. In our company you can order medium equipment repair on outsourcing
  • Overhaul is carried out with a complete disassembly of equipment and the subsequent restoration of working capacity, confirmed by acceptance tests. Often, equipment overhauls are combined with modernization. Our company specialists perform overhaul and restoration of equipment on outsourcing

In addition to the above mentioned types, there is a non-scheduled (emergency) repair of equipment, associated with the need for prompt troubleshooting of equipment during production. This type of equipment repair is carried out by the own service of the chief mechanic of the factory, as it is carried out immediately upon the detection of a malfunction.


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● Machinery parts for recovery of equipment

In case if equipment repair requires specific parts and machine components that can no longer be purchased from the manufacturer (or the manufacturer no longer exists), our engineers can design the desired unit or a part in SolidWorks, and then produce this part. If you still have a partially broken part of the equipment, we can produce a duplicate of it according to the model and then install it into your equipment instead of the broken one. For control units, we replace electrical and electronic elements with a modern component base. If, together with the repair, you need to modernize the equipment and synchronize its control system into a single system, then we can manufacture ACS TP control cabinets and develop our own software for them. Thus, we can completely repair your old production equipment, upgrade it and synchronize its work with your existing technological complex.